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Jeffrey Herlings on Jett Lawrence – FMOTP

Jeffrey Herlings on Jett Lawrence – FMOTP

Jeffrey Herlings, the man who has been the fastest man on the planet for most of his career, says Jett Lawrence is now the fastest man on the planet – and he is glad he doesn’t have to race him in the world championship!

“One thing is for sure, I’m happy I don’t have to race Jett Lawrence”, an honest and very humble Herlings told us after winning two out of three motos at Hawkstone Park. “I don’t think I can match his speed – open and honestly. I don’t think I can match his speed anymore.

“I think on my good days like 2018, maybe I could have. For me he is the fastest guy around, supercross and outdoors. You seen those Instagram wars – Jett V Herlings. He’s faster right now. But one day we have to race each other”.

I even talked to him on Instagram last year and just said: “Man, I’ve got massive respect for you. At your age to be so smart and so good, it’s really impressive”.

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“But to become world champion, I don’t need to race Jett Lawrence – that’s my (good) luck. I think we can still win the championship but everything has to go good, it’s a very difficult task but I will do my best to reach it, if not, the most important thing is to stay healthy.”

On racing Jett at Matterley MXoN…

We will wait and see. Right now, I’ve got nothing for him but maybe if the year continues and I get a bit faster, we will see. Like I said, I am happy I don’t have to race the guy right now!

On Prado and his AMA supercross showing

He just played it safe and that’s very smart. He should have done that. He had a big championship to lose in Europe. If he had got hurt there, then to win a championship in Europe, it would have been game over.

He was smart, the results weren’t that great, averaging around tenth, okay he won a heat race, in main events he maybe got a seventh but the average was around tenth. But it’s a completely different discipline of the sport, if I would do it or I guess Febvre, we wouldn’t do any better I guess.

From where he comes from, with six weeks of prep, I think he did pretty decent. If he wants to go in 2025 and he can have the time to grow throughout the year, I think he can be good. I don’t think he’s capable of beating Jett or guys like that in his first year, that’s just my personal opinion.

He (Prado) is super, super talented. After Jett, he is the most talented guy riding right now, he is really good.”

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Article: Jonathan McCready

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