Interview: Tom Vialle on the British GP and moving up to MXGP in 2023?

We caught up with Tom Vialle to discuss a strong performance at the British MXGP despite only being back on the bike in the middle of January and his plans for next season:

Tom Vialle a good day for except maybe those couple of crashes in that last moto but good overall, how do you sum it up?

It was okay. A good way to start the season, a little bit disappointed with the crash in the second moto especially the first one when I was leading. The track was difficult to pass, the ruts were so big, it was not easy to change the line. I still tried the last lap but then I had another crash, but I wanted to win. A little bit disappointed but Simon was riding good and didn’t make so many mistakes. I was a little bit faster but couldn’t find a way to pass, so we are going to regroup a little bit this week and train in the sand for Mantova.

Did the postponement help you get more comfortable on the bike?

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Yeah, I rode a lot last week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and we are still improving the bike, every time we go we find some small things. First moto I wasn’t riding so good, I was struggling a lot, I was actually riding pretty slow! Second moto was way better, I was pushing a lot, I could push the bike. The suspension was better, we did a small thing on the bike that we changed and it was helping a lot.

We will see next weekend, Mantova is a different type of track so we will see.

Was this result better than you expected given your preparation with injury coming in?

Yeah, it’s not such a long time since I rode the bike. I started the middle of January so it’s more or less one month/ one and a half months that I ride with the bike and it’s a new bike, so there is a lot of small things that took a little bit more time than usual. I was happy to fight at the front, have the speed. The two pre-season races were not super good let’s say but now I know I have the speed and for sure I will improve every race.

And next year, are you going 450 or do you have an option to stay 250?

Normally I move to 450, if I win the MX2 title I have to move on. Yeah normally, yeah, I should move to the 450.

Interview: Jonathan McCready

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