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Interview: Tim Gajser – back to his best!

Interview: Tim Gajser – back to his best!
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Tim Gajser was back to his best form as he went 1-1 at Matterley Basin to end a tough season on a high. From the pain of a broken femur two weeks before the start of the MXGP world championship season to ending the season on top at Matterley Basin, it’s been quite the journey for the five time world champ.

We spoke to him about the day and his season. Read or watch below:

Tim, 1-1 again at Matterley Basin, you obviously love this track and you looked back to your best today!

Yeah, it’s always a pleasure coming here and racing on such an amazing track. Today was a good day, went 1-1, couldn’t wish for a better end to the season, it gives me a lot of confidence for next season and also for the off season, so super happy.

It took a while to get back to this level, you broke you femur, I think people shouldn’t underestimate the level of MXGP, even a rider of your capability it took a while to get the feeling back, was it difficult for you mentally to go through that process?

Yeah, exactly, even myself, I thought it was going to be quicker. Because I felt good on the training but training and racing is two different things. It took me a couple of races to start to believe again that I can fight with the top guys at the front. I think the turning point was Turkey, that was the first week that I really felt I could fight for a podium, for wins. Since then, Maggiora was good, the speed was there, but a b it of bad luck with the crash in the first moto. The second moto was nice with the battle with Romain.

And again, here, all the weekend I felt really good. A good end to the season and like I said, I am already looking forward to 2024.

When you crashed in Italy and broke your leg, how difficult was it mentally because you had done all the hard work to get to that level and then the season is over in terms of a world title.

Yeah, I was in a really good shape and knowing we should start the season just two weeks after that race and then it ended in one second with a broken femur. That’s sport, that’s the black side of our sport you know? But that’s how it is. I tried to recover as soon as possible but as we know the femur is the biggest bone in our body and it takes time to get back on your feet, so you can start training. It was basically four and a half months/five months I was off the bike. After five and a half months I came back racing in Loket, it was a big injury but I am glad that is behind us.

Have you any issues with the leg now, riding or training?

Now it is okay. I don’t have any problems with it, that is the only think I am happy (about it all). I have the plates inside, I have the nail through the bone, the screws so.. but I am really happy I don’t have any pain and I can really train like I need too. Pain free let’s say, that’s the most important thing.

I feel like we have been robbed as fans and maybe you and Jeffrey Herlings (as well) of you being fit together during most of your careers! Can you both sign an agreement with each other that you will not get injured and can fight for the title?!

(Laughs) I hope so, I think we (both) hope so. Next year if we are all healthy it can be an amazing season. There are so many great riders in MXGP right now, and even some of the top MX2 rider are coming up like Jago. I think it’s going to be an amazing season.

Jett Lawrence is undefeated outdoors in America on the 450, you will be his kind of Honda teammate in two weeks, do you think you can beat him and is that a goal of yours because no-one else has been able to do it? I feel like he will have target on his back!

I mean, for me, it’s just trying to enjoy. I know if am enjoying it, I can be really fast. But yeah, I think it’s going to be an amazing event in two weeks in Ernee. Like I mentioned in the press conference, Ernee is always amazing, many people come there, it’s like the Olympics of our sport. I am really looking forward to representing Slovenia and we will see, I will do my best. I want to finish the season on a high note.

The SMX has finished in America, there has been talk you guys (MXGP) could do well there if there was a qualifying system to do that. Is that something you would be interested?

I did Monster Cup a couple of times and I think it’s quite similar. Maybe even the second one was really like motocross…Chicago? I saw some highlights. There was not really a rhythm section, it was more like an outdoor track, but of course it would be interesting, why not? I don’t know if they manage to do it but we would definitely be trying… I don’t know we will see!

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Image: InFront Moto Racing

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