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Interview: Steve Dulson on his racing team!

Interview: Steve Dulson on his racing team!
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Steve Dulson has decided to step his motocross team up a level for the season ahead as he will now be in the Maxxis British Championship team with his Dulson Racing Yamaha team.

Jamie Law and Zac Stealey will be the two riders under the awning for the 2018 season and will be hoping to post good results for the new team in the paddock throughout the course of the season.

We decided to catch up with Steve Dulson with his team’s first Maxxis British Championship race this weekend.

Gatedrop: Steve, can you tell me a little about the background of the Dulson Racing team and it’s history?

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Steve Dulson: I raced motocross locally myself from 2002 until a few years ago and always struggled to ride enough and have the budget to compete. My focus switched from racing to Dulson Training Ltd a Shropshire based HGV driver training academy roughly 6 years ago. As I moved away from competing I had the desire to stay involved with the sport somehow and started helping a few local riders in a small way.

In 2015 my last year of competition I stopped after a very unsuccessful start to the year. I knew my racing days had finished and I decided to team up with Zac Stealey in the AMCA MX2 championship supporting him at events and helping any way I could. I really enjoyed this and wanted to do something a little more organised in 2016 so I started Dulson Racing. The team was supported by many of my own personal sponsors and they are still with us going into 2018. 2016 was a structured team in the AMCA MX2 with Zac Stealey being joined by Shaun Pearce we had podium results at championship level and won most local events. Unfortunately both riders year ended early with injury. We returned a little wiser for 2017 with the same line up but with Zac moving into MX1. Both riders had a tough time returning from their 2016 injuries but by the end of the year there where some strong results in the AMCA championship. After dipping are toes into the MX Nationals in 2016 and really enjoying the events we knew that for 2018 we wanted a change of championship.

Gatedrop: The team will step up for the 2018 season and contest the Maxxis British Championship, what’s the reason for this decision?

Steve Dulson: I have always been in love with the sport and even when I was racing I would enjoy going to watch at a Maxxis or a GP often more than riding myself. My goal was to always race the Maxxis and although I did a few pro races I didn’t reach a good enough level.

I have been to multiple Maxxis rounds for over 15 years and always knew that somehow I wanted to end up in that paddock. It’s turned out that it isn’t as a rider but with a team instead. Back in 2015 the plan was to be in the Maxxis with Zac Stealey by 2018.
The atmosphere and event is great, they race good tracks and you are surrounded by GP level competition. It really is a great buzz.

Gatedrop: You’ve decided to go with Yamaha machinery, what stood out with Yamaha compared to the other manufactures?

Steve Dulson: We went to Yamaha in 2016 and to this day the bikes have been amazing, strong, reliable and great handling. The bikes are supplied by Marsh MX and I’d like to thank Gareth and Anthony Marsh for sticking with us for our new challenge. I have great satisfaction that we have almost the exact same support for the third year in a row. I have tried to build good trusting relationships with everyone that supports us and don’t take any support for granted.

Gatedrop: You’ve signed Jamie Law for the season ahead. You must be pleased to attract such an experienced rider and someone capable of top ten results…

Steve Dulson: It hasn’t really sunk in yet, we had planned to be in the Maxxis this season for a few years but it’s very exciting to have someone as professional and successful as Jamie on board. I have watched Jamie for years, when he first turned pro and seeing him qualify for British MX2 GP’s and get great results constantly for over a decade. We all know what he’s capable of and we hope the relaxed atmosphere and support we offer will allow him to succeed even further this year. There is no pressure if Jamie and Zac both do their best every time they are on track we will be a happy team.

Gatedrop: How did talks with Jamie arise and did a deal happen pretty quickly?

Steve Dulson: Jamie has had long term support from Mark at (RSS) race suspension services. I got to know Mark in 2014 and he’s supported myself and the team ever since. His products and advice are invaluable, probably the best in the UK and he’s always happy to help. He felt that Jamie would be a great fit within our team and introduced us. Mark understands how we run things and felt that Jamie just like us is there to race. We keep things professional and relaxed and we know that Jamie will represent us and our partners well. He is genuine guy and that’s who we want to work with. We never promise anything that we can not fulfil. Mark has been an incredible help and is a big part of the team. Between us I think Jamie will have great support for the year.

Gatedrop: You’ll also have Zac Stealey under the awning who stays with the team, you must be happy with his progress so far?

Steve Dulson: We started with Zac back in 2015 and the plan was to be here for 2018. He was a late starter in the sport but quickly started to log strong results. He is consistent and smooth, he has one BYMX and British Masters championships but seems to have had a bad run of injuries. 2017 was injury free and with a good winter we hope he can be back to form and getting stronger through the season. He is capable of good results at this level but the competition is very strong. If he rides smart and can keep riding dragging himself along with the group ahead I think we will see something really good by the end of the year.

Gatedrop: What are your expectations for both the riders in 2018?

Steve Dulson: We expect both riders to put in 100% effort on and off the track, if they do that then we will be happy. I think Jamie to be inside the top 10 at every round would be great, even though I know he’s capable of much more. If he gels with the track and can get a start then a podium is not unrealistic. The competition is probably the strongest its ever been in MX1 so we will have to wait and see.

If Zac can log some consistent rides and build up through the year we will also be happy, staying injury free and putting points on the board would be great. By years end breaking the top 15 would be very satisfactory.

Gatedrop: In terms of long term targets for the team, have you anything in your mind you’d like to achieve? Would you be happy to stay in the UK or would you like to have an EMX or GP team in future if everything goes well?

Steve Dulson: The plan has always been to end up at the Maxxis, I don’t think EMX or GP’s are likely. I am expanding my business and that still remains my main long term focus to make that as successful as possible. We may only be in the Maxxis for 1 year or we might be here for the next decade. We just want to give 2 riders the chance to compete and be there to enjoy it with them.

Gatedrop: In terms of the 2018 Maxxis British Championship calendar, what’s your thoughts on it?

Steve Dulson: The calendar is great, we have some amazing tracks. I am very excited to get to Desertmartin, and back in 2016 we competed at Duns and thought that was an incredible track. We have a lot of sand but the surface doesn’t matter. They are all quality venues and we look forward to them all. Hawkstone is our local round and we just hope the weather is kind through out the year.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Steve Dulson:  We have a great team. I would like to thank Jamie and Zac for being very easy to work with and representing us so well. I would like to thank the brands and support we have had with us since 2016. Dulson HGV Training, Shropshire Driver Training Academy, Phil Morris Racing, Rhino Goo, EBC, Talon, Michelin, Apico, Decade, Rad Decals, SG Lewis Bricklaying, Capital Waste Management, Boreton MX Track, Hel, Samco, Race Bike Bitz, Putoline and Doma. And without Mark at RSS and Marsh MX this year would not have been possible.

Pic: AJW MX Pics

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