Interview: Simon Längenfelder – underrated in the sand and another MX2 podium

When you think of sandy conditions, Simon Längenfelder’s name might not be the first name that pops into your head but there is no denying that despite not being born in the sand like Dutch and Beglian riders, the young German is strong in the sandy conditions.

Längenfelder secured another MX2 GP podium in Lommel so we caught up with him to discuss his season, living in Italy and more.

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GateDrop: Simon, you probably aren’t necessarily known for your sand riding but you had great here and probably the speed of the front two at times. You must be happy to get on the podium, a good weekend for you…

Längenfelder: I would say I am known to have good sand skills. I won here on the 125cc and last year I was also very good here in Lommel. For sure I have the sand skills in myself but I am one of not many riders that doesn’t live or train a lot here in Lommel. Maybe that is why some people think I’m not so good in the sand.

GateDrop: You were racing against the Belgian riders this weekend and this place was packed with fans, was it a good atmosphere and what was it like to ride in?

Längenfelder: There were many Belgian fans but also German fans but the corners are the same (laughs). Sometimes you don’t know if it’s German or Belgian but for sure there were many fans. It is great to see so many people around the track enjoying Motocross.

GateDrop: What was your thoughts on the track layout this year? Obviously totally different and slower I think but it got very very rough…

Längenfelder: For sure, I like it when the sand tracks are rough. For me a sand track you shouldn’t touch all weekend and just leave it so the lines will develop by themselves. Yeah, I liked the layout, it was a bit tight sometimes but overall it was good.

Image: Nigel McKinstry

GateDrop: What is it like being with the Factory GasGas team, this is your second year with them and you seemed to get better and better…

Längenfelder: Yeah, I am enjoying myself together with the De Carli squad. I like how they train, I like how it is a family and I just really like the team.

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GateDrop: Are you based in Italy and how is it over there being German? Do you speak any Italian?

Längenfelder: Yeah, most of the time we are in Italy. I speak quite good Italian and I like living in Italy, I like it a lot.

GateDrop: Just on this season you finally got a win under your belt going 1-1 but then an injury came, mentally that must have been tough because you’ve been so consistent and without the injury you’d be right in the championship mix but at the same time you can be happy with your speed and results…

Längenfelder: Yeah but I think it was good that I won before my injury, injuries happen for all riders. When I was injured I was still very motivated and knew that I can win so that helped.

GateDrop: For the rest of the season, what are your goals, I am sure you want to stand on the top step of the podium again!

Längenfelder: I just try to make my best every weekend. I want to learn a lot every weekend trying to just be consistent and good.

GateDrop: How do you find the level of MX2 this year? It looks like there’s like five, six or seven guys that can win on any given day, does it feel like that?

Längenfelder: Yeah, there are many good and fast riders. We are also young guys so every weekend there are many fast guys, it is no joke.

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GateDrop: It also seems very intense this year where a mistake can cost you quite a lot…

Längenfelder: Yeah, it depends. Today I had some good gaps but on the hard pack tracks sometimes it is different.

GateDrop: Recently you signed a contract extension to stay with the Factory GasGas team but the PR said it was a multi-year deal. Can you confirm how many years you’ve signed with the team?

Längenfelder: Yeah, it is a two year deal so I’ll be GasGas for another two years.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Images: Nigel McKinstry