Interview: Simon Laengenfelder – MX2 GP winner!

Simon Laengenfelder took his first ever GP podium by going 1-1 in a jaw dropping double moto win in his debut ride on the De Carli Gas Gas machine.

Laengenfelder had shown a lot of potential the last couple of years but that full potential was unleashed at Matterley Basin to win every race – even the qualifying moto! And the German showed he could win going away as he did on race one and take the pressure from some heavy hitters in race two to deliver the perfect start to his 2022 season and become Germany’s next potential superstar. We caught up with a grinning Laengenfelder in the media centre.

Simon Laengenfelder, unbelievable weekend for you and an unbelievable second moto to hold on to the win, how do you feel?

I felt really good, I had really good starts, the bike was working perfectly with me. I would say the track also suits me, I really like this track and also last year I was feeling great here but this year was unbelievable and really nice.

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You handled the pressure really well in the second moto. Did you feel the pressure from Vialle and Geerts? Because you didn’t make any mistakes…

Yeah I felt they were really close behind me but I just tried to stay in front and do my thing and go as fast as possible and it worked out great.

You have made big improvements this year, where do you feel you have the most improvements? The bike? Your own fitness? Your speed has went to another level!

I would say everything. I’m really fit on the bike and also the bike is just awesome.

You have moved to Italy, how has that change been for you?

Yeah, it’s a big change to go to a different country, learn a new language – everything is different but I’m feeling good. It’s really nice in Italy I must say!

You have the red plate now, how are you feeling about that – is there a world title on your mind?!

No, no I am just trying to do my best in every race and see where I end up. I’m not thinking about the world title yet.

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Image: Juan Pablo Acevedo