Interview: Sacha Coenen on joining BT Husqvarna – EMX250 in 2022?

The EMX125 championship was great to watch last year and one rider that was very exciting to watch was Sacha Coenen as he regularly battled at the front of the pack. Unfortunately he didn’t get the results his speed reflected due to some crashes and technical issues but he could have a very bright future.

Coenen has inked a deal with the BT Husqvarna team for the 2022 season and as of right now hasn’t decided whether to stay in the EMX125 class or move up to the EMX250 but he has been training with the 250cc for the past few weeks.

We caught up with Coenen to discuss his season, goals for the future and more.

GateDrop: Sacha, last year you were so fast in the EMX125 class. You must have been really happy with your speed but just a few too many crashes which cost you?

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Coenen: So last year as you mentioned we had good speed but unfortunately we struggled a lot with the setup of my bike, it was a Kawasaki KX250 frame with a KTM engine inside.

GateDrop: You are pretty small and the EMX125 class is very competitive. Coming into the season did you think you’d be a front runner?

Coenen: Yeah, for sure because we worked hard for it. We know that we will ride at the front because in 2020 we showed a very good speed on the bike.

GateDrop: You won the second moto in Germany, your first time winning at that level. Can you talk me through that race and how did it feel to win at that level?

Coenen: It was fine that I won the first moto in Teutschenthal, but my plan was to win more races, we have had too many problems with the bike setup. At Matterley Basin I was riding at the front when the race director stopped the race earlier and in Maggiora I was running in front when the engine broke on the tabletop in the first race and in the second moto again a technical issue made it impossible to go for a podium..

GateDrop: It’s all change for you heading into 2022 after signing with BT Husqvarna, how did the deal all come about and was it a difficult decision to leave BUD?

Coenen: It was a difficult decision to split with BUD racing, but our goals and plans for the future between BUD racing and myself were too different . We found a good deal with Bas Verhoeven after we split ways with BUD at the end of the year for the 2022 season.

GateDrop: Going into the 2022 season, have you decided yet what championship you’ll contest?

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Coenen: So at this moment nothing is decided with BT Husqvarna so it could be possible that I switch immediately to EMX250 class.

Pic: Huub Munsters Fotografie

GateDrop: Obviously you raced against your brother last year, what is it like going up against him and battling him on the track?

Coenen: It pushed us to go faster and faster during the training and at the races it was the same, but there is only one winner and one second place.

GateDrop: I believe you’ve started riding the BT Husqvarna already to prepare for the season ahead. How do you feel on the bike?

Coenen: I’ve trained only with the FC250 at this moment and I feel comfortable on the bike. We find very quick the good setups with the suspension and the engine runs great.

GateDrop: You are a great rider to watch and are always on the edge. Do you think maybe this year you might ride a percent or two less and focus on the results? If you can be consistent you could challenge for a title!

Coenen: It could be, I think that if we go further with good work from myself and the team it will be possible to be more consistent.

GateDrop: If you keep developing like you have done, have you got a goal of when you’d like to be racing the MX2 World Championship and what’s your long term goal as a rider?

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Coenen: Yes, this is my goal to go as fast as possible to the MX2 World Championship and prove my speed in that championship, the time will say when.


Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pics: Huub Munsters Fotografie