Interview: RJ Hampshire – A1 winner

RJ Hampshire rode superbly at A1 to dominate the 250 class and put himself as the man to beat for the 250 West series. We spoke to the red plate holder after the race to get his thoughts on a fantastic ride.

RJ that was a pretty empathetic win at A1 that must feel pretty dreamy!

Yeah, it was awesome. A lot of work goes into this, guys on the team crushed it. Just stoked to be in this situation and go out there and do what I did tonight.

From the moment you got on the track, even yesterday, you were riding with authority and pure confidence, you had to pass people to win the heat and the main, did you just feel amazing from the moment you touched the track?

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Yeah, I felt awesome on my Husky for the last few weeks. Like I said, they knocked the ball out of the park on the bike. I ride really well, know what it’s going to do, don’t change too much stay on path, like I said, just really stoked for this whole team.

Had you made many changes to the bike from last season? Engine/ Frame?

Yeah, we made a lot of progress all around, guys worked hard, can’t really say what but we have an awesome dirt bike.

How much time did you take off from MXoN to SX?

I had six days, got back from France had six days then got on a flight out here to California to test supercross and test this new bike. I would do it again tomorrow to come out and win A1.

Does it take you a while to get back into the supercross rhythm after outdoors?

No, because I was actually in the supercross rhythm before I went to Nations from riding the SMX rounds, then went and did that (MXON), what an awesome time, great opportunity, unreal to be able to do that. The come out at A1 two months later or whatever it is and get a win and come out with the red plate, it’s special.

The last couple of months you’ve probably ticked a lot of your childhood goals!

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Yeah, tonight was a huge one, red place for a kid from Hudson, Florida, doesn’t matter what age I am, still unreal, A1, sold out stadium, it’s something I will cherish forever.

I imagine the championship has been the goal from a few month back, this is bound to make you even more confident!

Yeah, you can’t win a championship without a red plate so start with that and keep building, take it weekend by weekend.

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Image: Align