Interview: Revo Husqvarna’s latest signing – Alvin Ostlund

The Revo Husqvarna team will be stepping up to race the MX2 World Championship in 2019. After confirming that Dylan Walsh will be with the team for the year ahead, the team have also confirmed Swedish rider, Alvin Ostlund.

The young Swedish rider has a lot of talent as he battled with the likes of Brian Hsu and Davy Pootjes on the 125cc but since making the move to the MX2 World Championship we haven’t seen his full potential.

Ostlund who’s been with Yamaha for eight years, will now make the switch to Husqvarna and will be hoping the move will bring out the best in him.

We caught up with Ostlund to get his thoughts on the move and much more.

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Gatedrop: Alvin, your plans are finally official for 2019 as you’ve signed for Revo Husqvarna. How did the deal come about and it must feel great to have your future secured?

Alvin Ostlund: The deal came about when I finished my contract with Yamaha and I wanted a change after 8 years with Yamaha. Revo Husqvarna was searching for a second MX2 rider and we started contacts about next year.

Gatedrop: You’ve spent pretty much your whole career on the Yamaha, what’s it feel like to sign with another manufacturer – nervous, excited?

Alvin Ostlund: I’m not nervous because I know Husqvarna is one of the best bikes in the business, so I’m really looking forward to start training on it.

Gatedrop: Just looking at your time already spent racing in the MX2 World Championship. You’ve spent time with the Kemea Yamaha team. How was it being part of that team and working with the likes of Jacky Vimond and Marnicq Bervoets?

Alvin Ostlund: It was a good time for me, I spent every day with Jacky on and off the track and learnt so much. I especially learnt a lot on the hard pack tracks because he taught me a lot.

Gatedrop: You then spent the 2019 season with the SM-Action Yamaha team which is an Italian team. Obviously, you picked up an injury which was frustrating but overall how was your time with the team?

Alvin Ostlund: It’s a really good team and they made a big step since I moved in to the team, the guys have such a big passion for motocross and they do everything for they can for you.

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Gatedrop: I feel like you’ve not been able to show your true potential since stepping up to the MX2 World Championship – what do you think you need to do to because a consistent top ten rider or even better?

Alvin Ostlund: I need to improve my starts and be more aggressive during the first 2 laps of a moto.

Gatedrop: You always look good in the sand but maybe haven’t had the best results in hard pack, do you see that as an area for improvement?

Alvin Ostlund: Of course, you can always make improvements. Let’s say I’m born in the sand but the last two years I’ve made big improvements at the hard pack tracks and I know what I have to work on to improve further in the future.

Gatedrop: What are your goals going to be heading into the 2019 season?

Alvin Ostlund: I want to stay consistent all year and to fight for the top five.

Gatedrop: You’ll race the British Championship in 2019 as well as the World series, have you heard much about the British series and are you looking forward to competing in it?

Alvin Ostlund: I don’t know much about it but it will be a good series next year. Of course it will also be good training for the GP’s.

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Gatedrop: In terms of winter prep, have you made any plans with the team about where you’ll spend time testing and what pre season races you might do?

Alvin Ostlund:  The winter prep will probably be in Spain. On the pre-season races I’m not sure yet which ones I will do yet.

Gatedrop: During the season do you know where you’ll be based yet and will it be different from previous seasons you’ve spent with other teams?

Alvin Ostlund: I will be in both Lommel and England.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Alvin Ostlund: I want to say a big thanks to Yamaha for all years together as well as RG3 suspension, SM action and of course my family.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Husqvarna Motorcycles UK