Interview: Pit Beirer on Herlings and the intense end to MXGP

Pit Beirer has given us exclusive comments on an enthralling end to the MXGP world championship with Jeffrey Herlings right at the centre of the drama. This is what he had to say:

The racing and drama in MXGP this season – have you ever seen anything like this?

Beirer: This is an amazing season, and it’s motocross on the absolutely highest level. No I don’t remember such a intensive championship.

Jorge Prado didn’t make it easy for Jeffrey in race one and Febvre got away. Was there anything said between motos – he seemed to make things slightly easier along with Tony playing it safe with Jeffrey in race two? 

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Beirer: Motocross is an individual sport and you cannot ask your team members to ride for each other unless a specific situation in the very last race. Jorge is a rider very hard to pass, for KTM riders but also for any other rider in the world. No we had no word with him between the heats. This is something the riders need to figure out themselves.

As a team owner it is always hard to see if your own boys have a hard time passing each other, but for example Jorge gave our direct competitors a really hard time out there, which helped us as a team. Jorge has a very clear strategy for his race, “catch me, if you can…..” I want to underline, there was no team order, what happened so far was done between the rider.

How is Jeffrey after today? His comeback from that big second crash was amazing. Have you ever worked with anyone that tough and single-minded? 

Beirer: Jeffrey after today? Full of energy to win this title!!! Jeffrey is a very strong fighter. We went through many up and downs together. But the work he is putting in and the determination he is putting in is on another level. So he will fight for this one until the last lap.

Will the final two rounds be harder to watch than racing for a title yourself? 

Beirer: First of all I want to make a compliment to all these 3 boys fighting for this title, plus our other 2 boys Jorge and Tony. They are bringing so much excitement to us as motocross fans that it is unreal.

The final 2 races will be very exciting to watch, I will not compare this with the past and my own title fight. We as a team want to bring this title home. All in for this last 2 races.

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