Interview: Max Anstie – back by Orlando?

The Media Pub have done a long interview with Max Anstie with the Brit discussing his unfortunate injury and when he is looking to get back on the bike and finally get to race some supercross- plus a range of other topics!

“Everything was so ready, it was a shame, we had done our prep, everything was going well,” said Anstie on the bad timing of the crash. “The very last day we were at State fair just doing my motos and I ended up just going down on the step on step off, I clipped the top of something honestly I don’t remember a lot. I broke a transverse process of L4, it’s right at the bottom of the back, but it’s not that bad. It sounds bad but to be honest my back doesn’t hurt that much I’m stiff my hips are stiff and I hit my head a little bit, so that takes a couple of weeks, I have the impact test tomorrow ( at time of interview).

“So I’m hoping they give me the green light and can start training and riding again maybe by the end of the week. and I need a couple of weeks of good riding to come back, I’m hoping for Orlando but then again it depends how I feel. I’m not silly, have been watching the races, you need to be on it. That’s the thing I was so gutted about, I was so ready, I felt fit and I was feeling really good with the bike.”

Get the full interview below:

Image: Align media