Interview: Matti Jørgensen – Danish winner at Loretta Lynns!

Matti Jørgensen is a talent young rider from Denmark but moved to America with his family when he was nine years old. Ever since he’s been focusing on his racing in America and this year at Loretta Lynns finally showed his true potential.

Injuries haven’t been kind to Jørgensen in the past but the 15 year old won the 250b limited class at Loretta Lynns this year. It’s cool to see another talented Danish rider show a lot of potential as we have Olsen, Haarup and Bøgh Damm performing at a high level in the GP’s.

We caught up with Jørgensen to discuss his win at Loretta Lynns and more.

GateDrop: Matti, you moved from Denmark to America when you were nine years old I believe. Why did your family decide to make this move?

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Jørgensen: We used to go on vacation here every winter and just really liked the weather and everything about it so when my dad turned 50 he wanted to move and we did.

GateDrop: How did you adapt from Denmark to America or did you find it easy? In terms of Motocross how different did you find the tracks compared to what you were used to in Denmark?

Jørgensen: The tracks are usually in a lot better conditions. They’re not as rough and more fast tracks and the races are shorter in the amateur classes at most of the events. It’s something you have to get used to sprinting the whole moto.

GateDrop: I believe you’ve had a lot of injury issues and every year before Loretta Lynns something would happen so you haven’t actually raced the event all that much?

Jørgensen: Yeah, in 2015 on the 65cc I got hurt the day before flying over testing my race bike and then 2016 I got to the race on the 85cc and I got eighth so it wasn’t the best best. In 2017 I got injured at the qualifiers, and 2018 I had some bike issues the whole week. Then in 2019 I tore my ACL and meniscus two weeks before on a pit bike so that put me out for a few months. Last year on the 125cc I raced it but just had a few crashes and mistakes and got eighth on the 125cc and tenth in schoolboy1, I wasn’t so happy with the results.

GateDrop: This year was different though, you could race and not only that but you won 250b limited class – can you just talk me through your day and how did it feel to win the title?

Jørgensen: It was definitely an amazing feeling winning. I just tried to stay consistent the whole week going 2-3-1 for the title.

GateDrop: What was the level like of the 250b limited class you were competing in? I believe you also raced the 450b limited class but got disqualified as you were to young?

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Jørgensen: There were a couple of strong riders in it, we were all pretty close in points going in to the third moto so I knew I needed to win the last moto to get the title and I got the holeshot and made it a lot easier on myself.  I raced the 450b limited class as well but only got to race the first moto where I started around 10th and got up to the lead and won the first moto so I was happy with that. Then right before the second moto I got called to the MX Sports office and was told I was disqualified as someone protested me for being to young racing a 450cc – I didn’t know you were supposed to be 16 to race it. The 250b & 450b classes is a similar level level like the EMX250 class in Europe. The Schoolboy 1 & 125cc B/C is also like the EMX125 class.

GateDrop: I believe you’ve been working with former AMA rider, Matt Bisceglia. What’s he been like to work with and what sort of things does he help you with?

Jørgensen: I’ve been working with Matt since 2019 and he’s definitely been helping me out a lot with everything he can. He’s got a lot of experience with growing up winning everything in the amateurs and then being a factory pro MX/SX rider with podium finishes. I can’t thank Matt enough!

GateDrop: I believe after Loretta Lynns,  you needed to undergo knee surgery so you will be out for the majority of the 2022 season?

Jørgensen: I just got surgery on my ACL and Meniscus on the 17th of August as that’s been torn for a few years now and been bothering me lately so I’m recovering now. We will just have to see when it’s 100% ready but I’m hoping I’ll be back riding for the whole 2022 season.

GateDrop: What are your plans for the 2023 season – I believe you will go pro?

Jørgensen: I will either be going pro after the Lorettas in the A class in 2023 and then doing the last three rounds of the pro outdoors or maybe a full season with Supercross too – I’m not 100% sure yet.

GateDrop: You are 15 years old but the youth racing in Europe is probably at a higher level than it is in America. Do you have any plans to maybe contest any EMX250 races or even MX2 World Championship races in the future?

Jørgensen: I haven’t really planned on it yet but maybe it’s not completely out of the picture.

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