Interview: Marc Darcourt – Loon Plage Beach Race

The Loon Plage Beach Race takes place this weekend and as it’s the week before the Motocross of Nations heads to Assen, the event has big entries.

Leading the entry list is Jeffrey Herlings but there’s a host of talented riders contesting the Loon Plage Beach Race this weekend.

We caught up with the event organiser to discuss his race.

Gatedrop: Marc, can you tell me you’re role regarding the Loon Plage Beach Race and what you’re responsible for?

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Marc Darcourt: I’m the president of the Motoclub and organiser of the race.

Gatedrop: Due to the event being the week before the Motocross Des Nations in Assen this year, it seems to be getting more interest than usual. You must be pleased with that?

Marc Darcourt: Yes, when I seen the MXGP calendar this year, I was happy and hoped MXGP rider’s needed some training in the deep sand. I always have GP riders but this time it’s different because they need it .

Gatedrop: Jeffrey Herlings will race as part of his preparation for Assen. Where you the one behind getting him to the event or did Jeffrey contact you first? Was it hard to get him to race the event?

Marc Darcourt: I contacted him first. You know, I contacted all the team managers and riders who will ride the MXoN. Jeffrey’s answer was fast and said “Yes, I’m interested”. After that it was really easy, he’s a nice guy and it’s really easy to work with him. We needed KTM to say yes during the week and after it was done.

Gatedrop: Other than Herlings, there’s other top riders contesting the event. Can you tell us about some of them?

Marc Darcourt: Yes, I have Dewulf who won this race 2 years ago and rides in MXGP. Petrov, Tom Koch, Guyon, Ramon, all the best sand riders like Chapeliere, Martens, Kellet and some French motocross riders like Houzet and Dercourt. We have the best Supercross rider in Europe, Cedric Soubeyras. The battle for podium will be great.

Gatedrop: There was talk of the American Des Nations team contesting the event but talk on that has went quiet. Was it close to happening?

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Marc Darcourt: I think no. The riders wanted to race but Roger (De Coster) said no. He is afraid of an injury and maybe by Herlings (laughs) . I hope they change their mind and come but it’s really not sure.

Gatedrop: With regards to the Loon Beach Race, what’s the long term target for the event?

Marc Darcourt: I have a meeting to organize a GP during Assen. It’s a project in the next 5 years. Next year, I organize a French championship and after that the goal is a GP.

Gatedrop: Do you plan on running any top Motocross races this year or/and in the future?

Marc Darcourt: Yes, I work for it. I began 6 years ago with my own club. Before that I helped my father with his race since I was 14. I give my best to organize a different race with a real show for the spectators and the best track for riders. I think it’s on a good way, I had 150 riders 6 years ago and 360 this weekend so it’s improving.

Gatedrop: Anything else you’d like to add or anyone to thank?

Marc Darcourt: A big thank you to all people who follow my event. To my father for all his help, my crew and l’adasm (loon plage track).