Interview: Liam Everts on running at the front of MX2, his podium’s and Belgian Motocross

There is no doubt about it, Liam Everts is making big big strides and is starting to become a consistent front runner in the MX2 World Championship. Having signed with the full factory Red bull KTM team for the 2023 season, the Belgian is excelling and already has two podiums in the first seven GP’s.

As he gains experience running at the front he should only improve which is great news for Belgian Motocross.

We caught up with Everts to discuss his French GP, the level of MX2, Belgian Motocross and more.

GateDrop: Liam, a very good weekend for you running at the front all weekend and super consistent, you must be happy with your weekend and also with the progress you’ve been making throughout all the season?

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Everts: Yep, sure, very positive weekend. Speed was good so yeah, good day!

GateDrop: You told me in Switzerland the first couple of GP’s you just wanted to lie low and then go for it… Seems like the plan is working out perfect!

Everts: Yeah, exactly… It is coming along together. Portugal, it was just a bit out of my control, the speed was good there and especially on Saturday and Sunday too but I just had the worst luck there. Spain was a bit less for me just personally not really feeling it there but still managed to get sixth which made the most out of it. Every point counts! Coming here, we had a good feeling and I really enjoyed Saturday, the track was quite rough, sketchy, call it whatever you want but I had really good fun there.

GateDrop: We are seven rounds in and you’ve already got two points, maybe you are ahead of schedule? Or did you expect something like this coming into the season?

Everts: No, I don’t think we would have expected it actually. Maybe a bit ahead of schedule but we will see what it leads too. There is obviously some riders injured but I think my speed is good and we’d have been up there just like in Arco when everyone was there.

GateDrop: Just on Arco, getting the podium there, what was it like? It must have been emotion and brought back good memories for your dad too… watching you around there was just like watching a young Stefan!

Everts: (laughs) It was a big relief for all of us and now the pressure is a bit off. It is nice, things are coming along and just personally I have made some changes to also find my own my in life. This is coming along slowly.

GateDrop: Just on MX2, especially today it looked very intense with like 5-6 guys a similar speed and together battling, it looked like one mistake would be costly…

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Everts: Yeah, a mistake would cost you, I think we had one of the best races for action out there. It was very intense and overall it was good, clean racing. Great fun.

Image: Infront Moto Racing

GateDrop: Just on the track, yesterday was soo rough and gnarly, maybe too much? Today was still rough as well!

Everts:  Nah, I don’t think it was too rough. I just think the modern day bikes are quite fast and suspension wise are very good, it means you can ride very much on the limit. That can bite you. I think in the past we have seen tracks similar and it was just how it went.

GateDrop: A weekend off now to get some sand riding in before Latvia?

Everts:  Yeah, a weekend off and I’ll get the sand riding in, I am looking forward to Latvia.

GateDrop: Looking ahead to the rest of the season, you’ve got two podiums to your name now, I guess you want to try and get a win now!

Everts: For sure, my goal is always to win. It will come when it will come but it is the goal we are working towards every weekend. I don’t think it is the time yet but for sure the more races that I do, the time will come.

GateDrop: Belgian Motocross, it is looking good! We saw Lucas Coenen win a moto, you very consistent at the front, Brent good in MXGP… Not bad considering there’s not a lot of places to ride in Belgium…

Everts: Yeah, Lucas was very strong in the second race, he did a good job after the first race where he struggled a bit. Brent was good and solid today and myself on the podium, it’s good. It’s a shame Jago (Geerts) got injured, I don’t think he deserved it. I think he is the strongest, okay it is not over but yeah, it’s part of racing.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Images: Infront Moto Racing