Interview: Liam Everts on his start to the MX2 season and being a Factory KTM rider

The 2023 season has been a change for Liam Everts after inking a deal with the full factory KTM team. The young Belgian also came into the season with a wrist injury but overall his pace has been good. After three rounds of the series he sits eighth in the championship standings in a very fast MX2 World Championship.

Everts is one to keep an eye on as the season progresses as he has big potential.

We caught up with him after round three of the MX2 World Championship rounds in Switzerland.

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GateDrop: Liam, round three in the books and overall a solid day for you. Maybe not the best of starts but I think you can be happy with your pace for seventh overall?

Everts: The starts were good, actually. The first moto I just wasn’t ready for the first three laps and got stuck behind of the Yamaha’s. I just got too aggressive hit the rear wheel and tipped over which screwed up my whole race actually. From them on I just struggled and couldn’t find any rhythm whatsoever so I ended up eighth. I got a good jump in the second race but broke too late, I think I was around fourth or fifth but I ran fifth the whole race. Kay (De Wolf) got around me so I finished sixth but the second race was a lot better for sure. There are positives so overall it is a step in the right direction. I know it will come but I just have to be patient, my plan before the season was not to be in the spot light too much in the first three or four GP’s and it looks to going that way. I just have to keep on working and then it will come.

GateDrop: Just on that second moto, watching it the top ten were all close and it seemed very intense, did it feel like that racing out there?

Everts: Yeah, everything was very close. I think they only finished ten seconds behind, it was good racing. It was good, fair racing. I had a big moment once Kay got around me, I hit a big rock and it came loose, it got in my rear wheel. I was all over the place but luckily I saved it but it was a fun race.

GateDrop: What was your thoughts on the track? It’s not exactly a modern day GP track but your Dad probably raced plenty of tracks like this back in his day – I feel it was hard to pass but it got technical…

Everts: I heard a lot of guys complain, actually but I liked it and especially on Saturday when there was a lot of options. Maybe today, there was a little bit less but I think overall the course is maybe not the best best track but I’ve saw far far worse (laughs). I enjoyed it.

GateDrop: What’s your take on the qualifying points this year? I know a lot of riders see it as extra risk but at the same time if the qualifying race is here to stay then why not have points for it too…

Everts: I mean, the qualifying race has been there for like fifteen years. Of course they have added points but it is the same for everyone. You just have to race and go with it, I mean I don’t have anything against it.

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GateDrop: Last year was your rookie season and you had good progress which got halted by injuries, I guess this year the plan is to continue to keep building…

Everts: Of course, luck is also one factor. I think after a few more GP’s I will build my way into the series. I need some more time and more races. It will come and we will keep on working.

GateDrop: What’s it like being part of the Factory KTM team and of course you have the new KTM model now as with DIGA-Procross you didn’t get the new bike last year, how’s that all going?

Everts: Good, I feel good in the team and in around these people. The step has gone quite well, maybe the results don’t show it yet but I believe we are in the right path and it will come once we get that click, the hard work will pay off.

GateDrop: You’ve obviously working with your dad since a young age, in this setup are you still working with him? Are you working with Joel Smets as well?

Everts: No, I don’t work with Joel. I am still working with my Dad and it is all going well.

GateDrop: Factory KTM usually have a clear MX2 championship contender but this year is slightly different with you and Adamo, does that help take the pressure off? Maybe you are already ahead of what KTM planned as well…

Everts: I think it’s more of a long game and it may take a year. But they have made a lot of good decisions in the past so let’s hope this one is a good one as well.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing