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Interview: Lewis Spratt to get his feet wet racing around Europe in 2024

Interview: Lewis Spratt to get his feet wet racing around Europe in 2024

Lewis Spratt has been busy racing the Arenacross UK series with the final round set to take place on Saturday. The rider from Northern Ireland will then make the journey the following day to contest the Hawkstone International event as he’ll turn his attentions to the outdoors.

Not only will Spratt be racing in the UK and Ireland but he also has some plans to race outside the UK this year which is brilliant news.

For what will be his first year racing on the 125cc the plan for Spratt is to race the three rounds of the Dutch Masters. Not only that but some wildcard EMX125 rounds are also in his plans.

We caught up with Spratt to discuss his plans for 2024 and more.

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GateDrop: Lewis, you’ve been racing the 125cc in Arenacross. How do you find the bike and adapting to it and the Arenacross UK series? You were a front runner in your class…

Spratt: Yeah, I feel good on the 125cc I didn’t think I would gel with it just as quick. I wasn’t expecting to be running at where I am in the championship as I am the only 125cc in the championship which makes it even more difficult for me. I am currently sitting 2nd in the championship going into the final round in Wembley.

GateDrop: You will race the 125cc at Hawkstone International – it’s going to be fast with a couple of the EMX125 front runners in. What’s your prep been like for it and you must be excited for it?

Spratt: Yeah, I can’t wait to ride at the Hawkstone International as it will be my first ever time racing it. I have been training hard over the winter months on and off the bike and we have got the bike setup dialled for the deep sand conditions.

GateDrop: What’s your plans for 2024? I believe you will race the three rounds of the Dutch Masters – that will be a big learning curve but really help you progress and learn…

Spratt: Yeah I feel as if the Dutch will bring me on to be a better rider racing against the best in Europe…. It will definitely be a challenge but I am prepared for it and will give it my all. I am also planning on doing the British Championship and also perhaps maybe the Junior World Championship which is being held in the Netherlands.

GateDrop: I believe you also plan on doing a couple of EMX125 championship. Again that will be big for you in your learning. Being part of the GP setup is no joke and usually a big eye opener but if you want to improve, it’s what you have to do…

Spratt: I plan on doing a couple of EMX125 rounds this year. It will definitely be a massive learning curve for me being part of the GP paddock but by doing this it will definitely bring on my confidence and riding ability.

GateDrop: Do you know yet which rounds/how many EMX125 rounds you’ll do?

Spratt: We don’t know exactly how many rounds of the EMX we are going to do yet, but it will most likely be the ones a bit closer to us such as France, Netherlands, Portugal, Galicia etc

GateDrop: Cole McCullough should be a front runner in the class this year, have you been able to spin much laps with him whilst he has been home? What has that been like and riding with him should really help bring you on…

Spratt:  Cole and myself get on quite well and since I have joined the TEN55 MX COACHING programme I have been training with him a lot more along the guidance of his dad, Phillip. When training with Cole I am pushing to stay at his pace but I find it is definitely helping me to become a better rider.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Image: Arenacross UK