Interview: Larissa Papenmeier confirms she will continue racing WMX in 2024

She might be the most experienced rider in the WMX class but Larissa Papenmeier is still very fast and despite having injury issues this year ended the season in Turkey with a podium. It is very impressive considering how high the level of WMX is this year!

The German has seen a number of different eras in WMX battling against the likes of Lancelot and Laier to the new generation of Duncan and van Drunen etc.

Papenmeier has exclusively told us she will continue racing WMX in 2024 which is great news but a change might be around the corner as she could switch from Yamaha.

We caught up with her to discuss 2024 and more.

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On deciding to race again in 2024 and ending the 2023 season with a podium in Turkey… 

I know it’s a couple of years that I say one more year but my last races of the season always went good and the speed and fun is still there. So I enjoy every year. The last race this year gave me some extra confidence again as it was a hard year with small injuries. So to finish third in Turkey even with a injured thumb was a really nice feeling!

On her goals for 2024 and thoughts on the WMX calendar… 

Next year I will enjoy riding. For sure I will prepare myself as good as I can but I won’t have any specific goals.  We pushed for more rounds because five rounds for a world championship is a joke! But yeah we are “just” the girls. I’m super happy that my home GP Teutschenthal is back on the calendar for us, so I will definitely enjoy that one.

On a change around the corner for 2024… 

I have had a good support from Yamaha the past 5 years and even my whole team rides Yamaha. To be honest there are other offers which is no secret. 

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Image: Eva Szabadfi