Interview: Ken Roczen’s dad on his son’s 2022 season

Ken Roczen’s dad has done an interview giving some insight into Ken’s 2022 season and alleges there were different bikes for Sexton and Ken last year.

“Kenny’s teammate had a completely different bike,” said an animated Heiko. “He had the same chassis like Tim Gajser in MXGP, it was available for one rider only and it worked for one rider. The same chassis was not available for Kenny but he still had unsolved problems. The team made tests for one week, one week was too short to fix all their issues, after a week, Kenny was not happy.”

But he is a big fan of the Lawrence brothers (who he worked with when they were in Europe) and their father, believing the way they run things and the status they have, will help Honda run the team better.

“The Lawrence family is clever enough to recognise all these problems. They have the possibilities in a way to be able to handle the situation. They are able to say, ‘no it is not possible with those guys (some current Honda staff).’ Because they have enough offers they won titles, they confirmed with their performances and keep it in their hands.”

Make sure you watch the full revealing interview below: