Interview: Justin Brayton- I think my identity is not in my results at the weekend

Justin Brayton has had the best supercross season of his career, winning his first ever supercross and running third in points all at 34 years old.

And Brayton puts it all down to having a family, the antithesis of what the perception is for a successful career in supercross!

Doug Turney caught up with Brayton in Seattle to discuss his season.

Daytona win

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It still feels like it was yesterday, I am still really excited with it, it’s a huge career boost. There are so many things that go into that to get it done, it’s a weight off my shoulders and now I feel the next one will come even easier, it took a long time to get the first one! To do it at Daytona was just an amazing time in my life with having my family.


I think my identity is not in my results at the weekend, before you are scraping to get a rider and making money but also your identity is based on what results you get at the weekend and that’s a really tough life to live. You get eighth one week and you are bummed all week, and the team are bummed on you and then you get a podium the next week and everyone is pumped and your phone rings off the hook and you are a wanted man, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and it’s hard to love like that.

Now, I have got a couple of tenths this year and I go home and my wife, daughter and son are there and we hang out and have fun, we have a great week no matter what because they don’t really care about results to be honest. I think that has helped me be a lot more free on the weekend, it doesn’t change my life one way or the other dramatically how I do on the weekend so that lets me ride with more confidence and lets me ride more free and less pressure on myself and less anxious. I wish I could have done this when I was a little younger but I am happy to have this mindset now and I am happy to have this longevity in the sport.

When I walk in the door when I get home it’s full on playing with my daughter, playing house or making tents, soyou don’t have time to think about racing or three weekend. Don’t get me wrong I still think about it all the time and want to do really well but it doesn’t consume me, there isn’t time to sit down and stress about it. I think that has a lot to do with my success. I think people thought in the past once you start a family your racing career is kind of done I think me and few other guys have kind of changed that. I think it has really helped me for sure. I hope it helps show guys you don’t have to be done being an athlete at 26 or 27.

Third in the championship

I have had a great year, won four heat races and sevral podiums, there are a lot of positives this year, arguable the best of my career, it’s an exciting time. We have a great group of guys in the Smartop Motoconcepts guys and Honda.

Interview and pics: Doug Turney