Interview: Joel Smets on Herlings, Vialle and if Cairoli is doing the British GP!

We caught up with Joel Smets at Hawkstone Park to talk about Jeffrey Herlings injury, a tough winter for the team, Tom Vialle and if Cairoli will race the British GP.

On Cairoli Smets said: “You saw his post on Instagram, it’s up to him, if he wants to, we have the material available. I think he is not going to take on the challenge he has more to lose than win. But if he has it in his mind and he is motivated and is trained, he can still be up front. He likes to win – we have to wait a few more days.”

On Herlings: “It’s too early to say, Jeffrey doesn’t need to do all the GPs to win championships, as we have seen in the past. We need to wait to see how the bone heals up and only after that can we make plans again.”

Full interview below: