Interview: Jeremy Seewer discusses another podium and the intensity of MXGP

One rider that’s in a bit of a roll at the moment is Jeremy Seewer after coming off the MXGP win in Sweden he was able to back that up with a podium at the gnarly sand track of Arnhem as he looks to end the season on a strong note.

We caught up with the friendly Swiss rider to discuss his weekend in Arnhem and more.

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GateDrop: Jeremy, I think you will sleep well tonight, yourself and Glenn were pushing very very hard at the end of that second moto but you got the job done to get on the box. You must be delighted with that and your weekend? 

Seewer: Of course, if I would have lost that podium today, I wouldn’t be talking to you now. I would be sitting in the corner crying, I mean I lost the podium already three times this year and also against Glenn and stuff. I am super happy, I think I deserve it a lot because in the first moto I even missed out on a win and then finishing third. It was good for me, a shame for Glenn at his home GP to not be on the box but that is racing, you know.

GateDrop: What was it like having Glenn behind you there the last three-four laps, the crowd were going pretty wild… 

Seewer: I did, I also saw my pit board and I knew I had plus two seconds but then I made two or three small mistakes. I got a bit unlucky with a few lappers as well but he was right there, we had to go all in but we made it happen and that was what counted. I am super happy with that.

GateDrop: How would you reflect on your season so far? Maybe a slow start but right now you are probably in the best spot you’ve been getting the win in Sweden and backing that up with a podium here, a podium in MXGP isn’t exactly easy… 

Seewer: No and especially now, most of the guys are back. Everybody is there looking forward the first, two, three, four spots, you know? Sure I am in good shape now, I was also in the same kind of shape at the beginning of the year but the crash in Argentina was a big set back. It took me a while to get going again and also with what happened in Switzerland hitting my head and stuff. But yeah, I am back there and I also know that I can do it for the whole season if things go my way.

GateDrop: Just like you said with everyone back it’s very intense at the front so a small mistake can cost you at least one position like we saw in the first moto but also you have to be consistent as well as getting good starts, there’s a lot to it… 

Seewer: You have to be very consistent, you see every moto although I mean – me, Jorge and Romain are I think a little better than anyone else at the moment. You can see that we share the podium lots, I think every time you see me on the podium they have been there with me. But it does not mean we are that much better than the others because it is tough. Jeffrey was coming back but unfortunately injured himself but Tim is coming back, Maxime slowly and Glenn is also not far off. It’s MXGP, to be consistent is key and especially the starts, then the first few laps with no mistakes… it is tough out there, it is really tough from lap one until the last lap it is 100%, you have no time to recover.

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GateDrop: A new MXGP track here in Arnhem, what was your thoughts on it? A really rough sand track but quite different from Lommel as it was fast and you had to attack things… it made it good racing but maybe not so good for you guys!

Seewer: Well, honestly the track has a bit two sides. Somehow it was super exciting racing, the racing itself was pretty cool. The riding it was quite technical and tricky but also sketchy because it’s a fast kind of sand track. For some reason, the layout is fast but it is a little bit one lined but still luckily it’s sand and it’s about physical condition and who wins in the end. You can still make the difference and you can still pass even though it’s one-lined. I think it is a track worth having in MXGP. You could see the fans, incredible and it was so busy today. The Dutch fans, they are special fans but they love it and that is exactly what we need in our sport.

GateDrop: Three rounds to go, any specific plans for the last rounds of the series and which track are you looking forward to the most out of the last three? 

Seewer: Honestly, the last two are my favourite tracks. I mean Turkey is hard pack and I am good on that kind of stuff as well. Last year I was almost winning as well but the last two are like wow, they’re going to be my tracks. They’re hard pack, old-school, up and down hills, jumps, that is what I love. I am really looking forward to those kind of tracks.

GateDrop: The Motocross Des Nations, are you looking forward to representing Switzerland and taking on Jett Lawrence who rightly get’s a lot of hype but I think people forget the speed at the front of MXGP sometimes! Also, you’ll get to see your good buddy, Hunter Lawrence again! 

Seewer: Yeah, you know that is cool. I am looking forward to spending some time with Hunter besides racing as well as racing. The Nations is always something special and to line up for Switzerland, I am looking forward to that because the French crowd is always one of the best, it is going to be on another level I think, crazy stuff, Jett he has big hype but let’s see what he can do in Europe. You can not forget that things are different over here, I mean we went to the US last year and they have a little bit of an advantage with bike setup but okay in the end it was a mudder so okay but this year they come to our tracks. Let’s see what they can do but for sure with Jett, you can definitely see the level he is at now, he can be fast everywhere. It is going to be tricky to beat him but I am looking forward to racing him.

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