Interview: Jens Walvoort – pushing for top tens in the MX2 World Championship

Images: Huub Munsters Fotografie | Interview: Andy McKinstry

Jens Walvoort made the jump up from the EMX250 series to contest the MX2 World Championship this year and has the backing of the SB KTM team behind him who themselves have decided to move up to MX2 but focus on just one rider.

The Dutch talent has been a consistent points scorer in the MX2 World Championship and is even striving towards being in the top ten. He continues to improve as the season progresses which is good to see.

We caught up with Walvoort to discuss his season so far…

GateDrop: Jens, it was announced quite late that you would be racing the MX2 World Championship this year but you must have been delighted to be able to move up and race the MX2 class?

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Walvoort: Yes, we decided it’s the best for me to move up to the MX2 World Championship and I think it’s showing that it was a good move. I am really thankful for my team, family and sponsors to be able to make this move!

GateDrop: How was your winter/off season, did you change much coming into the season?

Walvoort: My winter season was completely different then before. We are training with Marc de Reuver and followed his plan. We spend the winter in the sand and hard pack.

GateDrop: We are already eight rounds into the season but how have you found MX2 so far – the class looks really intense this year and very fast at the front…

Walvoort: For sure it’s different than EMX250 but I think it suits me well and I want to be more and more at the front as the season progresses.

Image: Huub Munsters Fotografie

GateDrop: Portugal was a mudder but it was amazing for you. You must have been happy with your career best ride there? How did it feel running at the front?

Walvoort: Portugal was really good for me and was really nice to ride at the front. It was tough in the mud but I rode my own rhythm and finished good!

GateDrop: So far you have scored points in every moto on race day, you must be happy with how your season is going so far?

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Walvoort: Yes, we made a lot of progress but I want to score better. We are working hard for better results and I’m sure they will come.

GateDrop: This year is your first year doing fly away GP’s. How was it going to the fly away round in Argentina?

Walvoort: Argentina was really nice. It was a long travel to there but the country is amazing. I am really thankful that I could make the trip.

GateDrop: The SB KTM team have decided to just run one rider this year in yourself, in one way it is nice but at the same time it brings more pressure. How have you found that so far?

Walvoort: The team is doing everything they can to help me and I’m really thankful for that! We are making progress and that’s for a big part because of them.

GateDrop: What are your expectations for the rest of your rookie season in the MX2 World Championship?

Walvoort: I want to keep progressing and be inside the top ten of the MX2 World Championship.

GateDrop: I believe you’ve started working with Marc de Reuver, what has it been like working with him?

Walvoort: Yes, we are working together and it’s really nice. Marc has a lot of experience and he helps me with everything!