Interview: Jago Geerts on his Valkenswaard podium

Jago Geerts put on a great performance at the third round of the MX2 World Championship as he ended up third overall.

The Belgian struggled with his starts all weekend but stormed through the pack in moto two to pass Thomas Kjer Olsen on the line to clinch second.

Geerts tends to excel at the rough tracks but not so much at the smooth, less technical tracks.

We caught up with Geerts to discuss his weekend and much more.

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Gatedrop: Jago, you got on the box here at Valkenswaard. You must be happy with your speed but starts seem to be an issue for you..

Jago Geerts: Yeah, I still need to work a little bit on the starts because both starts I was in the top ten but around 8th or 9th. To be up there with the top five is difficult. In the second heat the track was really rough so I could move up easier than in the first race. Also, better than in England too. The riding was good this weekend so that’s nice but we still need to work on the starts, yes.

Gatedrop: As you said you were good with the rough track. Youthstream seem to be flattening the tracks over night, would you rather if they didn’t touch them so much? Also do you think you need to improve riding smoother tracks?

Jago Geerts: Yeah, it would be fun if they didn’t touch the tracks over night. I think I’m working already on riding faster at the smoother tracks. It’s a little bit difficult for me because I grew up in the sand and in Belgium the tracks are pretty rough all the time. But its something we are already working on.

Gatedrop: On the starts problem, do you think that’s just down to you, a mental problem or could the bike be improved in that aspect?

Jago Geerts: I think it’s a little bit my problem. Maybe it’s also mental because when you get a good start one time you get the confidence to do it maybe all season. I will do a lot of practice starts and I hope it will work out for me.

Gatedrop: This year you’ve had a lot of crashes. From watching you ride I’m not sure what it is because you ride smooth and never look out of control. What would you put it down too? Concentration or maybe pushing too hard?

Jago Geerts: Yeah, I don’t know. This year already I think I’ve had 6 or 7 crashes. That’s not so good (laughs). Maybe its because I’m riding on my limit because I need to do that in the MX2 class. I do hope the crashes will stop now.

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Gatedrop: I believe you’re one of the riders that can run with Prado if you get good starts. Just how frustrating is it when he gets the holeshot nearly every race and you’re buried down the pack?

Jago Geerts: Hes obviously really good at the starts, he has 8 out of 9 holeshots I think. It’s a little bit frustrating but I’m just going to do my best. I will train a lot and hopefully it’ll work out that I can battle with him.

Gatedrop: I believe you’re working with Steve Ramon, did you have the chance to work with Jacky Vimond and if so what’s your reasoning on staying with Ramon?

Jago Geerts: I’ve already been working a couple of seasons with Steve and the relationship between us is really good. He had a little bit the same style as me. I didn’t really see a reason to change so that’s why I stayed with Steve this season.

Gatedrop: Looking ahead to the rest of the season I guess you want more podiums and even some wins. Is that the goal? 

Jago Geerts: Of course. To be on the box is always really nice so I want a couple more podiums. Now the tracks, I think we have Trentino next so its maybe not the best track for me but last year was a pretty positive race for me there. I will try and get a good start, its really important there and then we will see where we end up.

Gatedrop: Just on the level of the MX2 class, theres no Jonass, Covington or Lawrence this year but other guys have stepped up. How would you compare the series this year? 

Jago Geerts: I think the level is almost the same as last year. Some of the top contenders from last year have moved up but now there’s new riders like Evans and Vialle.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Niek Kamper