Interview: Graeme Irwin talks about Desertmartin victory!

Graeme Irwin was the favourite at Desertmartin in MX1 and he didn’t disappoint!

The MX1 championship leader kept Elliott Banks-Browne at bay to win race one and easily won race two, leading by 20 seconds at one point, in a dominating performance.

Irwin was fast and smooth on a rough track, taking his time and keeping mistakes to a minimum to take a very popular overall win on home turf! We caught up with a delighted Irwin after his podium celebrations.

Gatedrop: Graeme, perfect day for you going 1-1, but EBB kept you honest in that first moto?

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Graeme Irwin: emm mate, no – come on! In the first race he was there, I had a little bit of arm pump but I just rode my own race. If he came right up to the back of me I could go again. I could have walked away with the race but then had no energy for the second one. If someone then stepped it up in the second one I would have been thinking it wasn’t good.  I rode a good first race and then in the second race I pushed the first 4-5 laps but then once I had a good gap I could just ease off and then control it from there.

Gatedrop: That second moto you must have really enjoyed, you had such a big gap and in front of your home crowd must have made it extra special?

Graeme Irwin: Yeah, perfect! Just the perfect race, I had no pressure the last couple of laps which made it even better. It was just the perfect day.

Gatedrop: To dominate like you did in the second moto, would you say that’s one of the best moto’s of your career so far?

Graeme Irwin: Yeah, I would say so. Either here or at Hawkstone for the last round of the Maxxis British Championship because in the second moto there I done something similar.  It was just really good, I’m over the moon with today.

Gatedrop: That’s two British Championship wins on the bounce for you, the target must be to win plenty more!

Graeme Irwin: Yeah, that’s it. I’ve won four British Championship races on the bounce. I’ve also won five MX National races on the bounce. It’s going good, I’m just keeping my head down and working hard, hopefully we are there at the end of the year.

Gatedrop:  It looks like you could win the British and the MX National championships this year!

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Graeme Irwin: Yeah, definitely. I’m not too interested in the MX Nationals, my main focus is the Maxxis British Championship. I think if I just focus on that then the MX Nationals series will come with it.  My main priority is being 100% fit for the Maxxis British Championship.

Gatedrop: You’ve been spending plenty of time riding in Belgium at Lommel, how has that helped you?

Graeme Irwin:  I think it’s good. It’s not that there is any different to here. It just works for me and keeps me focused. The tracks are difficult out there so it keeps you on your toes so it’s working good – really good.

Gatedrop:  A question I always ask you as I want to see it happen! Are you planning on riding any GP’s before the end of the year?

Graeme Irwin:  I would love too. But with Dave Thorpe, it’s a big no. He just wants me to focus on this year. But we will see.

Gatedrop: Eventually though the plan must be to race GP’s, especially if you win the British Championship this year?

Graeme Irwin: Yes (laughs).

Race winner and championship leader!