Interview: Glenn McCormick – MX2 Ulster Champion!

Unique Fit-out Husqvarna’s Glenn McCormick ended his 2019 season on a high by winning the MX2 Ulster championship before racing a 450 in the final moto of the day – and winning in his debut race in the bigger machine!

McCormick looked superb on the bigger bike, standing up, keeping his feet on the pegs in the long ruts and using the power to his advantage. His technical riding style was allowed to flourish with the extra power and he made a difficult, rutted track look easy.

We caught up with Glenn to get his thoughts on his success on the bigger machine, his MX2 title and his views on the season as a whole plus plans for 2020.

A pretty good day for you winning the MX2 championship and then a successful outing on the 450 in the last moto!

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Yeah, it was a wee bit frustrating. I would have liked to have two wins on the wee bike, that’s what I came here to do. It’s nice to win the Ulster championship again, but I came here to win races, fair play to Jake (Sheridan) he rode really well. I was quite frustrated after them, I wanted to win and he beat me obviously, a couple of mistakes cost me but fair play he won the races.

It was a bit of a last minute one (racing the 450). I raced the 450 last weekend at the Portrush beach race and really enjoyed it so I wanted to see what it was like properly racing motocross and find out where I’m at.

I really enjoyed it, it was so much easier. I felt I was faster on the 250, but I was probably way faster on the 450, it’s a bit weird! All in all it was good, I was really happy with that last race. The first few laps I settled in behind John and James, once I felt more comfortable I sort of put my head down then and got by them both and settled into it. I had a moment over the tunnel jump, she stepped out a bit and I thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew but I got away with it! But it was good, I really enjoyed it.

McCormick makes his first start and ultimately a race-winning debut on the 450 Pic: J McCready

Did you have to make any adjustments to your riding on the 450 in those first few laps after riding the 250 all day?

I knew I couldn’t ride it the way I rode the 250. I felt I was just busting my balls all day, banging my head against a wall trying to go fast around here on a 250, with it being really deep and a bit wet here today, it just felt like you were going nowhere.

I knew, I had myself talked into what to do and the people around me as well. You just have to give the 450 respect, especially your first race, you don’t want to be going out hurting yourself or doing anything stupid. So I just settled in the first couple of laps and stayed behind them and then it was alright. It was good, I’m happy.

It looked like you were making the bike do the work, you were just sort of standing there in the middle of the bike!

Yeah just stand up and be able to ride how I want to ride and know I can ride. It’s definitely a big question mark for next year. But for now I think we are glad to get to the off-season and have a few beers and nights out! It’s been a long year with Arenacross and everything that has went on behind the scenes but it’s nice to finish on a high as well.

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In the British championship and MX Nationals, you were good and really legitimised yourself as a good British championship rider.

Yeah that’s probably the frustrating bit, obviously the results on paper (look good), last year I think I finished 19th overall so it’s been a big step but I probably don’t feel that I’ve made that much progress. I just feel like I have been struggling a bit, not really struggling but just not enjoying it as much just with everything that has gone on.

But it’s nice to put my foot in there and show what I’m capable of and hopefully now we are fit and healthy and can get rested up and have a good winter, I feel we could be up there and doing really well next year.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

As far as next year goes would you ride both bikes or just stick to one?

I’m not really too sure, we are sort of on the fence, you have the option of maybe riding a 250 in England and then at home on the 450 but as of now I’m not sure. You need to have a competitive 250, those top guys Revo and Hitachi guys, they are second to none with the money they are throwing at it, but yeah, we will have to see what happens.

How long will you take off this winter before you start things up again for next season?

I think this one will be a bit longer than normal I think. With doing the Arenacross this year then the full British, MX Nationals and even a few British Masters and stuff, it’s been a long season, it’s been a lot. I think definitely we will take a longer break and maybe get a holiday squeezed in with the little one.