Interview: Glenn McCormick

Ulster MX2 champ Glenn McCormick has been riding very well this year but when you have Martin Barr in your class and your closest rivals are now on 450s, you aren’t going to have it easy in the 2019 Ulster championship!

But McCormick is hanging right there with the 450s for as long as he can and it is proving great preparation for his  British championship and the MX Nationals where Glenn has again showed good speed.

We caught up with McCormick to get his take on his season so far.

Gatedrop: Glenn, you’ve probably rode worse and won at other Ulster Championship rounds but you have to be content with second overall today. Are you happy with how your day went and can you talk me through your motos?

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Glenn McCormick: Yeah, I’m really happy. I think everyone has really upped their game this year. It’s a tough class but that’s good, it’s bringing us all on. It’s good that Martin (Barr) is back here too so we get to chase him and stuff. Obviously, it can get over looked and stuff but I feel it’s the best I’ve ever rode. I’m really happy with were we are. The first and second races I wasn’t overly happy with, I switched off a little bit in between and lost the tow with those guys. In the last race I was really happy to finish the day like that. With second overall, I am still happy with were I’m at, we are definitely building.

Gatedrop: You also rode the MX Nationals at Hawkstone just a day before Desertmartin and got two top twenty results finishing fifth overall in MX2, you must be happy with how that day went too?

Glenn McCormick: Yeah, really happy. It’s been a tough start to the season, but every weekend now has been progress and it’s nice to see that. I’m still nowhere near were I think I should be and can be so to come away at Hawkstone with a fifth and a sixth (sixteenth and fourteenth overall), it’s pretty good. I’ve now moved to fourth in the championship in the MX2 MX Nationals series so it’s good. It’s pretty cool to be able to chase Martin (Barr) and all those top guys now and pushing on to the back of them. That’s where I want to be and it’s getting better.

Gatedrop:  Coming from Hawkstone and then to Desertmartin which got mega rough today, I haven’t saw it that rough in a few years. How did you find the two days racing?

Glenn McCormick: It’s not easy but it’s what we all love doing isn’t it? It’s the same for quite a lot of us. I was a bit more fortunate I only had two days riding, John and the 450cc guys had three days so that’s even tougher. It is what it is, we were coming home and we just love racing. The track here at Desertmartin, they’ve put some amount of work into it with the sand, it was brutal but it was really good. It shows were the level we are all taking it too now and it’s nice to see. Last year when myself and Jason (Meara) where riding, at the end of the year we really did lift it and I think everyone else back home now has really lifted their game too. It’s good to see, even with the rough and technical track there we were still pushing on.

Gatedrop: Just on the British Championship, I would say maybe the results on paper don’t match your speed due to a few mistakes and stuff but would you agree that you’ve been able to lift your level over there now?

Glenn McCormick: Yeah, definitely. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend most the winter with Martin (Barr) so I could chase him and learn from him a little bit. Last year, the last round of the British I had a really good round and that helped give me confidence and belief that I belong with those guys. It’s a big thing when you’re mentally there and know you belong there. That carries you along way so I am looking forward to the rest of the year now.

McCormick was pinned all day on the 250 Husky Pic: J McCready

Gatedrop:  I know the plan for you was to focus in England this year and I don’t blame you at all for that, that’s where you need to be but after today and with the racing here being more competitive, will we see you race here a bit more now than first planned?

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Glenn McCormick:  It’s brilliant coming back and especially with there being a British here. Just racing back home in general is good but my main focus is in England and that’s where I want to be. That’s were my main attention is but if I have a weekend off and there’s racing on at home then I will be here racing. You can’t beat racing, you can practice all day long but when it comes to racing you need to be there. If I can be here, then I will but if not then the main goal is England so we will see.

Gatedrop:  At the start of the year, you decided to race the full Arenacross UK series, I know you done a race before but what was it like racing the full series, it’s quite a bit different to what you’re used too?

Glenn McCormick: It’s just something different. I done that wildcard last year and the buzz from it is unbelievable. It was just nice to go and do something different and something fun. There was never any pressure to do anything, you’re not going to be able to go and beat those guys. What they do, they’re unbelievable at but it was nice to do it along with Martin, the two of us getting to ride it together – the home team and stuff. It was a good experience and it’ll be a memory that I will hold forever, something special and I really enjoyed it.

Gatedrop: I wouldn’t like to be in Philip Mccullough’s shoes this year picking the Des Nations team, is that something you’ve thought about? I’m sure being able to represent your country at the biggest race of the year is a dream for you.

Glenn McCormick: It’s definitely on the bucket list, I would love to do it. For me, it’s just to focus on England, with team Ireland, I think it picks itself and the three best riders will go. When that time of the year comes, I know he will pick the right team. If I’m on it I’m on it and if not you will have to take your hat off because everyone has lifted their game this year so it’s not at the forefront of my mind. I just want to be running at the front end of the British Championship – that’s the main focus for me.