Interview: Filip Olsson on his EMX125 podium!

The first round of the EMX125 series went to plan for Filip Olsson as he secured his best ever finish in the class. The young Swede managed to get on the podium by finishing second overall.

It shows that Olsson had a great winter and has put in the hard work required with Filip Thuresson who has been helping him the past year.

The result will give Olsson plenty of confidence and he will hope to continue on the good result and stand on the podium plenty more times during the course of the season.

We caught up with the young Swede to talk about his impressive podium at round one.

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Gatedrop: Filip, we are here at the first round of the EMX125 Championship at Valkenswaard and you just got your first podium in the class. Can you just talk me through both your moto’s?

Filip Olsson:  In the first moto, I got a bad start, I was around twelfth or thirteenth or something like that. I rode pretty good, I got up to fourth pretty early in the race and rode good by showing some good speed and lap times. I was happy with how I rode in the first moto.

In the second moto, I got a decent start in second, I rode smart and tried not to do any mistakes. The track was very rough and rutty, it was pretty heavy. I ended up second in the second one, it was very good. To end up second overall, I am very happy about that.

Gatedrop: I believe that’s your first podium and best ever EMX result. You must be happy with the start of your season as it shows you’ve a good winter behind you?

Filip Olsson:  Of course. I had a very good winter training with my trainer Filip Thuresson.  I was down in France and training very hard and I also got some good fitness training from Marie Land. I’m very happy about my winter and it showed on the track.

Gatedrop: As you mentioned, you’ve been working with Filip Thuresson. Do you think working with him has helped you?

Filip Olsson: Of course. He helps me a lot when he’s with me. Having been through it himself, it’s very good having him with me and I feel comfortable when I have him.

Gatedrop: Coming into this season what were your expectations and now you’ve got a podium, do they change?

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Filip Olsson: I will be very happy if I get a top five overall in the championship. I’m now in second after the first round but if I get a top five I will be very happy.

Gatedrop:  You’re a privateer at the moment, is the goal for the future to get on a team or do you like being a privateer as you don’t have as much pressure as you would within a team?

Filip Olsson: Yeah, I’ve never been in a team but of course that’s the goal to be in a good team and have a good guys around you. But I do have that already now so I feel good being a privateer now. There’s not much pressure and you can do what you want, that suits me pretty well.

Gatedrop: You’re obviously from Sweden, is that were you’re based throughout the season or are you based elsewhere in Europe throughout the season?

Filip Olsson: Yeah, I’m at home for the whole year almost. Except for the winter when I go to France or Spain but then I go home as I must be in school. Mum and Dad must work, also there’s some races in Sweden we must do. My goal would be to be in Holland or somewhere like that to do some training but it’s difficult when you go to school and parents must work. In the future I hope to go down to Belgium or Holland to do the work.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry