Interview: Eddie Jay Wade on the switch to BUD Kawasaki

The 2022 season is going to be a huge change for Eddie Jay Wade after racing a KTM his whole career so far he’s decided it’s time for a change. French based team, BUD Kawasaki have decided to sign up the Brit for the 2022 season and there’s no doubt if he can stay injury free he has lots of potential.

On making the switch from KTM machinery to Kawasaki for 2022… 

It’s been a tough decision to make, after I’ve been riding KTM throughout my whole bike career I have decided to go green with the Bud Kawasaki Racing Team. I want give a big thank you to KTM for the support the last few years. The last couple of years I have had a couple of injuries that have took me out of the championships. I have proven my speed in the races that I have been 100% in and Bud Kawasaki have seen that. It is quite a big change but it feels right I have been with KTM for several years now and things haven’t gone my way, a fresh start is going to be good.

His goals for the 2022 EMX250 season… 

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The training and hard work starts for next year and the goals will stay the same aiming for the European championship. For the EMX250 series the goal stays the same as last year, do my best at each race and be battling with the front group.

Plans for the off-season and the importance of staying injury free… 

Yeah for sure I will be doing plenty of laps around there (BUD facility). I am looking forward to going to France after the new year and start working with the team. It is very important to stay fit and motivated, I have shown I have speed but I need to keep consistent for a full season and show everyone what I can do.

Article: Andy McKinstry