Interview: Dean Ferris – MXoN podium!

After getting close in previous seasons, Dean Ferris finally got his MXoN podium and the Australian MX1 champ survived a big crash on Saturday to do it alongside his two teammates, Jett and Hunter Lawrence.

Stephen Megarry caught up with the former GP man below:

Ernee 2023, could you sum up your weekend for us please?

Good weekend, had a big crash yesterday in qualifying, glad I didn’t get hurt so I could ride and score some points and support the Lawrence brothers because admittedly there two of the best in the world. First moto I did, I rode horrible but that was the score that we counted. I got 12th. And the second one I rode a lot better and the competition was a bit stiffer and I was in about 9th or 10th battling and I was really happy with that and then halfway through the moto I had a small tip over and lost my rhythm. I got on the board that the position doesn’t matter. So I wasn’t going to risk it to get back to 10th or 11th again. You know, I was like the support rider for the boys, I got some points that we needed and got us on the box.

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Its supposed to be a fun weekend, end of season. Did you enjoy yourself?

I did actually. I’m here with my wife, its been a bit of a long time since I’ve been back in Europe. There’s so much hype in Australia because of the Lawrence boys and how well there doing in America. It was really cool because I won the championship and those two won their national championships. I was excited to be here but where I’m going with it, there is so many Australian fans come here, because of the chance to do really really good and were glad we delivered a good result.

I got a chance to chat to a few Aussies up on top of the hill and there was a bit of comradery going on.

Yea of course, they love it. Its good to see so many Australian flags here. Its a long trip for them to come, but a lot of them come so I’m happy.

Did you come out here early?

No, I only got here Wednesday afternoon. So a couple of days and boom straight on the track on Saturday.

So are you hanging around? Is he taking you to Paris? (To Renae Ferris)

We did Paris the first night we got here and then we go straight home tomorrow morning and get back to our babies.

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Is it nervous watching him?

It was nerve wracking just because of all the fans, it was a pretty wild environment. But I trust him, I know he knows what he’s doing. At the moment I seen he was comfortable on the bike. I was comfortable and relaxed and just enjoyed watching him ride.

That was a wild crash yesterday, I seen the video and you really got lucky?

Yea really lucky. I’m glad I do my stretching and my yoga because I dismounted the bike and just tumbled and got up with not a scratch on me. The bike was badly bent but it was ok. We qualified good as a team already so I was happy I was okay.

Image: InFront Moto Racing