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Interview: Darren Lawrence – honesty!

Interview: Darren Lawrence – honesty!
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A very honest and straight talking Darren Lawrence spoke to us after the night show at A1,

Reflecting on the achievement of having two sons racing 450 supercross for factory Honda?

Yeah, my mum and dad are here, it’s probably more relevant for them, they know where I came from, where I grew up so probably more relevant the last few weeks, my dad is 83, so he was like “waow.” I grew up on a farm in a middle of Australia so, pretty opposite to what we were doing. They have been making me remember a little more but other than that the 450 class is no joke, so you gotta work with what brain cells you’ve got an cross the Ts and dot the i’s on everything.

We have a little bit of work to do that’s for sure. Our bikes weren’t the best today that’s for sure we have a bit of work to do to dial them in and hopefully be better next weekend.

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Jett Lawrence delivered again!

He is exceptional that kid, he is exceptional. I hope people realise that now and go “waow,” this kid isn’t racing a depleted field like last year they were talking about. They are just trying to find excuses and try to find things to go, “he’s not that great.” Guess what mother****ers, he is! So yeah, suck it up!

He rides like he’s already had a career, I feel he has the technique of Stefan Everts, the cold mind of Jeremy McGrath and almost the hidden ruthlessness of Ricky Carmichael – a combination of three of the greatest!

1000%. We learnt a lot that’s why as brothers they are so close. Hunter has taught him so much with the mistakes he’s made and obviously having Johnny O’Mara, We can bring up ‘Ricky was good at this, James was unbelievably fast but probably should have backed it down at some races, you don’t need to win by 20 seconds you can win by one. That is why in the motocross Jett would just do what he had to do, people don’t see him on a practice track because he doesn’t have to pull that stuff out.

He’s had more time on on that bike and he’s only going to get better and we are going to dial that bike in, because sadly the previous pilots that were on this bike did not dial the bike in at all, so we had to start from scratch and we have got the bike a lot better but we haven’t had time to get the bike where we want to get it. We will go to work now, the season has started and we will get that thing even better.

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