Interview: Cooper Webb – going for the win

Catching up with Cooper Webb at Tampa press day and he is setting his sights on getting his first win of the year to accelerate his championship charge. Read or watch below:

A strong start to the season but last week wasn’t really how you had been riding the rest of the year, was it a bike set up issue or just one of those days?

I was P5, it was a tough day in general. I had a great week this week and out here in Florida, this is what I call home now, so I could drive here today and it feels like an East coast hometown vibe. So, this weekend we will try and turn things around and get things rolling.

It is giving potentially bad weather, rain/thunderstorms tomorrow, how are you looking forward to that?!

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It’s Florida, pretty much every day you have the chance of that, so, we will see what happens. Obviously, rain or shine, we will be ready to go. If it rains, it could get interesting, no doubt.

The first couple of rounds of the season you were pretty impressive, the first round, a difficult track, I wasn’t sure if that was, you got second the previous year at round one, I thought I’ll wait to round two to see if you are back to where you really belong – and your were! Did round two give you the confidence to know you are on the level this and could go for the championship or did you know previously coming in?

I felt like I had a really good off-season, like I was up to form to compete this year. Obviously round one was rewarding, and then round two was also just kind of a reminder. Last weekend was a bit of an off-weekend for me but all my rounds have been strong so far and I feel like we are in a good spot. I know what I need to work on to get to that first win and it’s time to start clicking it off for sure and get that first win.

Eli was won four out of five, what do you have to do to beat him because he is looking pretty incredible – even though at times you guys are on his pace, he seems to be able to do something each round to deliver that win.

He has started really strong and it doesn’t make it easy, especially competing against him. he is a great rider. You gotta be on your toes, that’s the bottom line, it’s time to beat him. We will see, like I said, tomorrow there are a lot of questions in the air, so we will be ready to go, weather related or not. But yeah, that’s the bottom line, it’s time to get my first win and stake my presence again.

Do you think other championship level guys fear you? Because once you get your teeth into a championship and you are given a bit of hope, you don’t really let go until you are in the points lead and winning! Are you aware of that, you want to stay close to Eli, to Chase in the points and bother them almost maybe mentally as well as on the track?

Yeah, for sure, I know I can go the distance for 17 rounds, I feel I can go the distance if I can get that first win, I feel like the confidence comes and I feel like can really sink my teeth in like you said. It’s still early, gotta keep level-headed and keep working this weekend. The bottom line is the goal is the win this weekend and we are going to do everything in our power to do that.

You made a lot of changes to the bike from last year, even last weekend you were still fifth, do you feel a lot more comfortable whatever the track is, whatever the weather – there is no more doubt in your mind?

Yeah, we made a lot of strides which has been great, and (we’ve) been able to adapt to pretty much every track. Now we are back to the East coast, which I prefer that kind of style of track, so yeah, I am really happy with the bike, myself, my training and my riding. Just a little bit here and there, and I think we will be ready to really contend in these late rounds when they come into play.

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