Interview: Cedric Soubeyras

Defending champ Cedric Soubeyras had an up and down weekend in Belfast at the first two rounds of the Arenacross UK series but remained the man closest beating Greg Aranda for the title.

Soubeyras looked great on the 250 winning both Friday might mains with a brilliant last lap move each time out to take the win, and added two more 250 class wins on Saturday night but the super final events proved more frustrating.

Soubeyras was running second on Friday night but couldn’t find a way past Charles Le Francois only for Aranda to get by both and take the win, then Soubeyras, still third, and Le Francois running second collided on the last lap dropping Soubeyras back to fourth.

On Saturday night the Frenchman, riding the 250 for the Fro systems team against the 450s in the Superfinal, led early only for the unbeatable Aranda to make his way by the number one machine halfway through the main to take then win.

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But Soubeyras is still very much in title contention and we caught up with the defending champ to get his take on the weekend and the dramatic collision with Le Francois that had the crowd roaring on a Friday night!

A tough two nights for but a fourth and second in the superfinals weren’t too bad in the end – but you probably wanted a bit more given your position in the main events (at the beginning of the race)

Yeah you know I took the choice the ride a 250, it’s already a tough decision. I maybe was expecting to be a little bit closer to Greg, yesterday I was expecting to be on the podium at least but I made a mistake with two corners to go and was unable to make the podium finishing in fourth place.

Today I didn’t make the same mistake, I took a good star, got the hoelshot and pulled away a little bit but Aranda was faster, so two wins in the 250 and second in the main event (Saturday night) so I think it’s a part of the goal that’s been made but I’m looking to work a little more on the 250 and making the gap smaller.


Aranda had a good line in the whoops in the main event, did you feel the 450 helped him there with the torque or was the 250 able to do the same?

Yeah I was able to make it but I was not trying to change my line, but he was faster in this part for sure, after he was a little bit faster everywhere but especially the whoops. When I skip the whoops we were kind of the same speed but with his technique today he was faster in the whoops. Today was for sure better than yesterday and in two weeks there is Birmingham so I will try to be stronger for that.

Can you talk about the contact on Friday night with Le Francois – it didn’t go well for either of you!

Yeah, the contact was hard, but like Fabien Izoird said, he was behind, and even he didn’t expect him to cut down the corner that quick. Charles was tired and I was coming back but I didn’t expect him to cut down that quick. My goal was not to go down with him or make him go down, I wanted to pass or put him under pressure, if he wanted to keep this position he would stay inside, it was a weird choice for the last lap that he made and that’s why it made a mess with two corners to go, I didn’t expect it.

Soubeyras all smiles with his girlfriend after winning the 250 class and finishing second in the Superfinal