Interview: Brian Moreau – USA and TLD KTM

Brian Moreau has taken a huge step in his career by moving to the US at just 17 years old to try and achieve his dream of becoming a supercross champion.

After showing good speed but many crashes and mistakes in his rookie MX2 world championship year, it was a bit of a surprising move to head off to the States so early, but it is one that Moreau is excited about and recognises that he will have a lot of work to do in order to get ready for supercross.

Tom Jacobs caught up with Brian at the Monster Energy Cup to get his his thoughts on an exciting but life changing move for the talented French youngster.

Is this a dream come true? You had some good options in Europe?

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I wanted to be with KTM since I couldn’t go with them there, they offered me the chance to go with them here (USA). It’s a dream come true because I wanted to come here for a long time even though I didn’t get the results I wanted to this season I’m glad to be here and I have everything to prove, I will give my best.

You did well here (MEC) last year and maybe opened some people’s eyes?

Yeah I came here last year with Bud racing and had pole position in timed practice it was a god step, the motos didn’t go as I was expecting I think I was fourth but I showed I was able to be fast. Even this season I showed I was able to be fast sometimes – but too much crashing.


You have a factory team, so you have really good conditions to take the next step.

I got lucky to be with Marvin and Mathilde, I live at their house and everything, I’m really thankful about that.

Have you a one year deal or a two year deal?

A two year deal.

That must feel good as well, because you know have time to develop and get better?

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You know, I didn’t want to come here just for one year. I have two years so I have my time (to learn) but I also have to prove myself. I will do everything I can and we will see what the future results are.

You have the speed and you have the potential on certain type of supercross tracks like France you could do really well but others are different with bigger whoops, what do you have to work on in the next few months?

I haven’t rode supercross yet, I just rode outdoors this week and last week so for sure it’s going to be the whoops and everything, it’s the toughest part, I’ll have to work a lot on it and everything. I really want to get better, I know I can get better with work, I have good people around me and that’s really exciting.


Who will be your trainer?

It will be Aldon Baker for the Easy coat and Mike brown, they are both training me. Aldon will give me the training programme Mike Brown in California will be the one making me do it. It will be good with Aldon they are the best.

What do expect for yourself?

I’m just going to take my time, I want to show I can be here, I expect good results for sure I think I’m outdoors, supercross I am going have to get used to it so for the moment I am more expecting (results) outdoors but we will see. Supercross is the challenge, we will work on it, we have the set-up with all the tracks here so it will be good.

What has been the funniest thing that has happened to you since you have moved here? It’s a whole new life for you!

The funniest thing, I was shocked when I saw the price of the cereal bars! But it’s good, day after day I am discovering new things.