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Interview: Blake Baggett

Interview: Blake Baggett
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Blake Baggett made his first podium of the year at Oakland to finally get the results that his speed has suggested this season.

The Rocky Mountain KTM rider is more known for his outdoor speed but has really improved his supercross game in the last 18 months and is now a podium contender at every round – if he can get out of the gate.

Doug Turney caught up with Blake to get his thoughts in finally getting on the podium in 2018.

Congratulations tonight, what was different tonight form the first four races?

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I think we have made a lot of bike changes in this first four rounds and it’s been tough to crawl your way forward. No matter how fast you are, if you don’t have track position in the first turn, if you aren’t in the top five, you can’t really go anywhere -it’s tough. Everyone is so equal, I got a good start and rode solid in the main event, stayed clean and stayed out of the trouble and ended up where we are, it’s a big step in the right direction but it’s been coming, sometimes it doesn’t happen overnight.

How do you like the grates on the on the start?

It’s okay, sometimes it plays into your favour, sometimes it doesn’t. Everything is so equal, the bikes are equalm the riders, the qualifying times there can be ten guys within a second, everything is so close it equals out somewhere.

How did you find the track tonight, there seemed to be lines everywhere?

It was sketchy, that’s the only way to describe it. it was tough to just hit your marks. You had to hit your line and try to stick to it. You knew how deep it was and if you had to move somewhere else it was unknown how deep it was. Some of the holes were so deep you couldn’t see the bottom of them with the lights and the shadows. They were way deeper than most outdoor races.

Did you like racing during the day in the stadiums?

Yeah it was good. I think the sun in your eyes was tough in the heat race but other than that I think it was good. I think it’s better for the fans, little kids can come and enjoy the races while they are still awake and the parents can get them home! I think the daytime is the way to go.

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