Interview: Ben Burridge

We caught up with the Bullet recently to talk about how this year has gone for him and about him walking away from the Pirelli British Masters series with 3rd spot on the podium. He is a very talented rider and one to watch out for in the future.

How has 2016 gone for you in general and for the Pirelli British Masters?

“2016 has gone ok but I would’ve like to have gotten a bit better results in the British Youth Nationals, but ending up 7th in the championship wasn’t too bad, the Pirelli masters went well as I ended up 3rd“

How does it feel to finish 3rd in the 2016 series?

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“It feels good to end up 3rd, also with finishing in the top 6 in most races, winning some money was decent and something new for me. Overall I am very happy with the result”

What’s your thoughts on the series in 2016 and whats your thoughts on the 2017 series/calendar?

“My thoughts on the 2016 Pirelli Masters was good I thought every round was well ran, some of the tracks was a little badly prepped but it’s the same for everyone. My thoughts on the 2017 tracks are pretty good there are a few decent tracks which is good. I am looking forward to the series and hope to walk away with the top spot for 2017.”

Whats your plans for 2017?

“My plans for 2017 are to race the British Youth Nationals, Pirelli British Masters, Arenacross UK and some of the Maxxis British Championship. I am looking forward to next year”

Will you be joining us at Hawkstone Park for Round 1 and do you have any tips on racing Hawkstone?

“I will be racing Hawkstone park. Personally I don’t like the track every time I go there I seem to have some bad luck, hopefully I can turn it around next year“
Whats your long term plans for the sport?

“My long term plans are to improve and keep moving forward, I have dreams and I really want to pursue them.“

Finally who would you like to thank for 2016?

“Through 2016 I would like to thank, my family, asylum skatepark, onetwentymotorsports, shocktech, Luke ursell and also everyone else who has helped me through the year.”