Interview: Arminas Jasikonis

Arminas Jasikonis was in good form at Hawkstone Park despite a pretty big mid-air crash with Tommy Searle in race one while the pair were fighting for second place just behind Shaun Simpson.

Fortunately neither rider was injured and Jasikonis would rebound from the crash to finish second in the second moto and then secure third in the Superfinal to end the day on the podium.

Jasikonis is back on a factory team this year in what will just be his third in at world championship level. And, at just 20 years old, Jasikonis could well become a big star in the class and Rockstar Husqvarna will no doubt be hoping he can show his huge potential in 2019, in what was a very shrewd signing for the team.

Impressive day today, you were always up front, how do you assess your three motos on what looked like a pretty tough track?

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Well I would start from timed practice which was quite okay. I didn’t make a great lap but did it quite easy. In in the first race I was coming through the pack and I was having quite a nice race, of course I struggled with arm pump a little bit but then had a pretty big crash with Tommy and I had to pit two times for goggles and all.

The second moto I took it easy because so far season has only been crashes and all! So I had to take it a little bit more easy and also for the Superfinal I had a good start which was important and just done the race but honestly I am not super happy about that because I should be hitting the track much harder. But I took it easier today just to start from the bottom and then build it up.

The crash with Tommy, from what I could see it looked like the two lines just came together in the air?

Honestly it was hard to say – all us riders think we did great and nothing wrong! I would say I came from the outside and he came from the inside and for him to hit the line he had to cross jump a little bit, which was a tough thing to say. It was both our faults probably because I tried to pass, he tried to save it (stop the pass) you know?

After being on Suzuki and then a Honda team last year, what are your thoughts on coming to the factory Husqvarna team this year?

It’s a great team, that’s all you need to say you know? They work great, my mechanics, trainers and Antii. They are a really great combo, at the end it all depends on me because I have everything I need.

And the bike, do you feel comfortable on it?

Yeah, we have been working quite good with the bike and it works really nice but yeah, with the races I am struggling with myself but I am having a lot of fun in training with the bike.

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And expectations for this season, the GPs aren’t far away, what are your thoughts?

Everyone is asking about expectations you know?! I am kind of easy about that, I just want to do a good race and have fun and push through it. The rest will come I am sure, we have been working hard and we still need to keep working hard but I feel like it will come.

You are still realively inexperienced at GP level, this will only be your third season so the potential is still pretty high and you aren’t near you peak yet…

Yeah I will get better through the season and everything, it’s experience. Those guys in the top ten they have many years experience, I am just in my third year riding in GPs.