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Interview: Andrea Adamo on bike improvements, being based in Belgium and living his dream

Interview: Andrea Adamo on bike improvements, being based in Belgium and living his dream

The reigning MX2 world champion, Andrea Adamo had quite the turn around in Spain. In the first moto he finished sixth but he came out firing in the second moto and ended up taking an impressive win.

After two rounds of the series, Adamo is now sat third in the MX2 world championship standings, he is well placed.

We caught up with Adamo after Spain to discuss his weekend and more. You can watch/listen or read below:

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GateDrop: Andrea, it was a good weekend for you in the end, the qualifying race was okay but the last three laps or so weren’t the best, the first moto was okay but you came out firing in that last moto so you must be really happy with how you ended the weekend?

Adamo: Yeah, I’m really, really happy.  The week after Argentina we found some really good things on the bike and and now I feel comfortable on my bike and actually I’m super happy. I think just two more GP’s for me to get there and to get to my best level. Then we are ready.

GateDrop: In the second moto I would say you still looked a different rider compared to the first moto, did you change anything on the back or was it maybe just the mentality?

Adamo: No it was just more mental because like I said I’ve been testing a lot. I’ve been trying many things but I’ve not been riding the same bike for a long time, you know. So, actually every session I was improving because I was discovering more the bike and finding the limit of the bike. So, yeah I’m super happy.

GateDrop:  Kay de Wolf has been on fire all season so to pass him and win that second moto must feel really good…

Adamo: For sure, Kay is doing a really good season. At the moment, I think he has never went out of the top two so it’s really a good score at the moment. But I mean there are many riders that can fight for a win. I just have to do everything good like take a good start, good timed practice and we will be there.

Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

GateDrop: Is it a bit of relief a bit of weight off your shoulders to get your first moto win this year? Obviously I wouldn’t say it was a disaster or anything like that but you weren’t maybe at the level you had last year so does it feel great to get a moto win so early in the season?

Adamo: For sure, for sure, because this moto win, it means a lot for me because I went through a complicated winter, not really smooth like I had last year. So it was important for me actually to have those type of confirmations. This moto for me was really really important and shows to myself that I can be there, I’m fast. My physical condition is not on top, it’s not the top but it is there, so everything is there we just need to connect all the points and then we will be there.

GateDrop: You said there it was a complicated winter, could you talk a little bit more about that?

Adamo: Yes and no. We just didn’t find the right setup straight away and that took a little bit too long and I miss some training but I’m now I’m now ready. It will be fine .

GateDrop: Obviously you’re the MX2 world champion last year, an unbelievable season, how did you feel coming into the season this year because obviously everyone is talking about you, you’re the guy to beat being the reigning champion…

Adamo: Yeah, I felt pretty good. Not so much pressure I mean after Argentina I went home 8-5 or something like that but I was not so worried. I was like, okay, this is this what I could do today and I did, I took some good points and that’s it. But you know before Argentina I didn’t feel like I had to win and show that I was a champion. You know, that I was champion, I show already last year and now it is a new season. It’s a new year and it will be fine.

GateDrop: Obviously you’re an Italian living in Belgium, I think this is your second year living in Belgium… What’s it like living there, obviously the winter is very tough and riding a snowy Lommel so it must be quite tough but I suppose having your girlfriend and your little dog, Turbo must help…

Adamo: Yeah for sure. It’s helping quite a lot I mean it is quite different compared to Italy especially this winter was really tough because we had so much rain, so much. When it was not raining, it was like -7 or – 8 so was freezing. It was really tough but actually I try to enjoy because I’m living my dream. I’m riding for the best team in the paddock and I’m living my dream. I’m super happy and with Elena and with those two everything is more easy.

GateDrop: I think you’re a good role model for young riders, I mean when you were racing the EMX150 championship, did you ever think back in those days you’d be a factory KTM rider and a world champion already at this young age? You’ve had quite the journey…

Adamo: No actually, no. It was more what I was dreaming and what I was working for but in the life not everything that you dream is going to happen, you know. So I’m really really happy about how everything is going, I’m super happy and I’m living my dream like I said.

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Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer