Interview: Alexander Brown – I want to be in the top ten!

During the first round of any championship there’s usually someone that surprises due to a strong winter behind them. At the first round of the Maxxis British Championship, Alexander Brown was impressive on his Apico Drysdale KTM.

Brown was a rookie during the 2017 season and ended up twentieth in the series but already looks to have stepped it up this year.

He was able to run up front and finished sixth and eighth in the moto’s to secure an impressive sixth overall during round one of the series – a great start to his season.

We decided to catch up with the seventeen year old after his impressive ride.

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Gatedrop: Alexander, you’ve just contested the first round of the MX2 British Championship at Culham, can you just talk me through your day?

Alexander Brown: My day started out okay I suppose with an eightenth in qualifying but if I’m honest it was a fair bit short of where I had aimed to be. Race one I got an awesome start around about the top six then I rode a strong early part of the race, passing a few guys to work my way into third where I stayed until about seven minutes to go. I got really bad arm pump though and dropped back to sixth but I was genuinely happy with that. Race two I was about eleventh out of the gate and I found passing a bit harder this time but moved up to eighth by the end.

Gatedrop: You finished sixth overall on the day, you must be happy with how the first round went for you?

Alexander Brown: Yeah, I’m still so happy with how it went. It’s nice to know that all the hard work in the winter is paying off and especially to have left safe, healthy, happy and with a really solid result.

Gatedrop: It looks like you’ve had a strong winter. Where did you spend most of your off-season?

Alexander Brown: My winter has been a lot different this year. I spent most of it in the gym with Bryan Mackenzie and our training crew, Davey and Gordy. I only spent one day a week riding.

Gatedrop: Did you change anything during the winter and if so, what? What did you mainly focus on?

Alexander Brown: I really just changed my training and riding programmes, like I said I spent most of my winter putting time in the gym developing myself physically.

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Gatedrop: You’ve switched from Husqvarna to KTM machinery, is there much of a change between the two bikes and do you feel the KTM might suit you better?

Alexander Brown: I switched at the start of this year as I really like the bike. I feel it sits a little higher and turns a lot nicer, I’m just happy to be back on the KTM.

Gatedrop: I believe you work with Bryan Mackenzie. How long have you been working with him now and is it good to have someone of his experience behind you? In what ways does he help you?

Alexander Brown: Yeah, I have worked with Bryan since we became team mates back in 2016 and he’s helped me out a lot! He helps me by coming to the gym and pushing me to the limit, he also comes out and helps me with my riding when he’s got time.

Gatedrop: Last year was your rookie season in the MX2 Championship and you finished twentieth. How would you describe your first year in the class and where you happy or did you want better results?

Alexander Brown: Last years results were okay but I had hoped for better. I missed a few rounds due to injury which was unfortunate but it happens. I missed a lot of important racing time at this level because of it though so although I had aimed for better results I lacked the race experience to be able to compete constantly strong in MX2. I learned from it though.

Gatedrop: Coming into this season what were your expectations and after such a strong first round do those now change?

Alexander Brown: My goals coming into this year were to be top fifteen in every race and to keep scoring good points towards my championship. But now after realising where my level is at I want to be in the top ten, but I’d still be happy enough being top fifteenth every race.

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Gatedrop: You didn’t do the first EMX250 round in Redsand but have you plans to do any other rounds?

Alexander Brown: Yeah, I didn’t go to the first round in Redsands because of the travel expenses and I honestly didn’t know if I was fast enough to compete at that level but I have shown myself that I think I could compete well there. So, yes I think I’ll do a few of the closer rounds to see where I’m at.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Alexander Brown: I’d like to give a massive thank you to my mum, Dad, family and friends who support me. Also, a massive thank you to everyone who makes this possible:
Apico factory racing, putoline oils, Bryan Mackenzie, Leatt, Forma Boots, Talon, Pro Carbon, SS24 suspension, Michelin Tyres, goggle-shop, GMX Radiators, Duns Motocross Track, Dyce Carriers, Drysdale Motorcycles and Motoshack Graphics.

Pic: Scott Dunne