Interview: Alberto Forato discusses his MXGP progress and chasing a factory ride

The MXGP World Championship is always deep and stacked with talent but what a season, Alberto Forato is having on his SM Action KTM. The Italian is riding well in all the conditions and currently sits eighth in the MXGP standings.

Considering Forato never has the best of starts he is always able to charge through the field and if starts were better at the gnarly Arnhem track he could have been battling for the top five.

We caught up with the likeable Italian to discuss his season so far and more.

GateDrop: Alberto, maybe not the best starts but the speed was very very good and you made lots of passes, you must be delighted with your weekend?

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Forato: Yeah, actually, I am really happy with my weekend. For sure the starts were not the best but we are really working on it. We tried to find a different solution but it is really tough. The speed was actually really good, really really good. I am thinking that with better starts it could have been possible to do a special race but actually it was a good one so let’s now focus on Turkey.

GateDrop: There was a lap in the second moto you did a 1.51 and you were actually the fastest rider on the track so it shows you have the speed but in MXGP starts are very important, something you dont seem to get…

Forato: Yeah, the starts are really important. We really work on it and we will get there, I can tell you that for sure. The speed is really good and when we get to mid moto after making many passes I was catching the first guys so I was really fast. I had one sector that was purple and also at the end the times were good. It is good so we will just keep working like this and let’s go for the podium in the final three races.

GateDrop: You obviously don’t have a full factory bike – what is it like battling with them every week, it must be difficult?

Forato: Yeah, it is really, really, really difficult and especially for the starts. But also at a track like that it is really difficult with the 180 corners. You start from zero and then have to go again. Yeah, it is tough but I try to figure it out and try to make the best out of it.

GateDrop: A new track on the MXGP calendar here in Arnhem, what was your thoughts on it? It got a lot rougher and deeper than most riders probably expected…

Forato: Actually, I’ve never raced here before, this was my first time on track here at Arnhem. I liked it, I remember Lierop watching it on the TV and it was like that. Really, really, really tough – huge bumps but it was good. We made it happen, really tough but it was good.

GateDrop: You weren’t exactly born on these kind of tracks so is this something you’ve worked on over the past few years?

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Forato: (laughs) Actually, yes, for sure! I am Italian, I am not used these tracks but I am working on it and actually I feel pretty confident on it so it is good.

GateDrop: Plans for next year yet? There’s rumours you might even race the British Championship!

Forato: (laughs) I still don’t know my plans. Let’s see but there should be an update as soon as possible.

GateDrop: I am sure you’d love to get your hands on a factory bike…

Forato: For sure, I am always there with the top guys and the factory guys so I think I deserve it. I hope that I am going to get that.

GateDrop: Just on Italy, despite Carioli retiring you are doing good things as well as Guadagnini who is sadly injured but then Adamo in MX2 as well, it’s looking good for Italians…

Forato: For sure. We are pretty strong, all three of us are strong, Mattia is injured, I don’t know when he will be back. Me and Andrea at the moment are quite strong and he is leading the MX2 world championship so he’s’ the best on the 250cc and step by step I am getting there.

GateDrop: I am sure you’d love to represent Italy at Ernee!

Forato: For sure, I’ve raced the MXoN once in Assen so I am really looking forward to race in front of a good crowd.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Image: Danny Relouw