Honda on not racing French MXGP qualifier

HRC Honda General Team Manager Marcus de Freitas says he supported Tim Gajser and Mitch Evans not racing a muddy French MXGP qualifying race due to safety concerns, both riders along with other top factory men who didn’t race, will have outside gate pick today.

Due to concerns about the safety of the track, from the conditions that previous riders had raced in after the torrential rain earlier in the day, neither Tim nor Mitch lined up for the qualifying race. We supported their decision and now we will concentrate on making sure both riders are prepared for the motos tomorrow from their outside gate picks. It is a shame because Tim had showed in practice that he was the best rider, posting a laptime 1.7 seconds quicker than anyone else when the track was in rideable conditions, and we hope that there will be no more rain and we’ll have a similarly dry circuit tomorrow.