Herlings to run the number 1 in 2022 MXGP world championship!

For some reason it’s not the done thing anymore to run the number one plate, but happily, MXGP champ, Jeffrey Herlings has chosen to go with the #1 instead of his iconic #84 for 2022 – saying he might not get the chance to do it again!

The world champ said: “After 5 world championships, I will finally run the big #1 in 2022. I never had the balls to do so, but at this point of my career it could be the last chance I could ever run it who knows, so I want to take the opportunity while its there. It’s a little change for everyone after all those years on #84 but I will be super excited to do so. And after the #1  I will definitely go back to #84 as #84 is me.”