Herlings on his dramatic German GP and the incident with Prado

It was an eventful day for Jeffrey Herlings in Germany as he was battling with Jorge Prado for the win in race one and despite the latter holding on for the win both riders touched in mid-air over the finish jump and went down on the deck.

Jeffrey Herlings spoke to the media after going second overall and discussed the Prado incident as well as an update on his knee.

On his day and the incident with Jorge Prado… 

What can I say? As good as it started was as bad as it ended. I was good in practice and in the first moto I had a really good start. I managed to pass Jorge but I made some mistakes and couldn’t find my flow the first fifteen minutes but then I found my flow and I caught up with Jorge.

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Yeah, we all know he’s (Prado) not the most easy rider to pass and defends his line. There’s nothing wrong with that… but cross jumping, hmm, I don’t know if that’s the most safe thing to do. I was already over the jump and he came from left to right and then we both went down.

On his knee and if he took any risks in the second moto… 

Normally I would be the guy injured but this time I came out pretty well. I just had a sore knee, it is actually fine but it’s just the trauma, it is sore right now. I will need a few days to recover from this but the second moto I just tried to put it on the podium.

This isn’t my favourite track anyway, top three I am happy with this. Once I got into third place I didn’t even try to close it down, I was lucky just to be racing that moto so just took it easy and took the second overall. I am looking forward to France now, I have seven days to heal up and I think in seven days I can be here again. I hope to fight with the boys there again.  

Pic: Ray Archer