Gregory Aranda interview: Domination in Belfast!

Gregory Aranda stylishly dominated the first two rounds of the UK Arenacross series in Belfast.

The Kawasaki man won all his 450 class events and then both superfinals – passing defending champ Cedric Soubeyras both nights to take the win.

Aranda was smooth and fast with a lot flow and never looked flustered as he made his way into the lead on both nights. In fact the former GP rider made it look easy and carried more rolling speed around the turns than any other rider to make it a memorable Arenacross debut for the flying Frenchman.

We caught up with Aranda in the pits to get his throughts on what was a perfect weekend for the number 20.

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A pretty impressive first two nights of UK Arenacross for you, you were unbeatable! How do you feel after that?

I feel good, I won both nights, my Kawasaki was so strong. I was able to make a good start and I think on these tracks it’s very important to make good starts in the top three or top five. After, I ride like I know and it wa as good race.

Aranda shows his style to the crowd.

The track last night wasn’t maybe as technical as tonight but you were still had to make the passes to win, tonight you had work even harder after a worse start but you were able to adapt and win again!

Last night was more easy than today, I think today gave good racing, everybody can pass everybody so yeah, it was good lines and when you stay smooth you can ride good and make the difference, so it was good.

You seemed very calm throughout the race, no matter what position you were in, how do you stay so calm when there is so much going on out there?!

It looks like I’m calm but I’m giving it 100%! I try to make no mistakes and just try to ride smooth,

You had a good line in the whoops in the super final, how did you get that line and did you find it easy to do?

Yeah, my friend Fabien Izoird told me during the at the head-to-head ‘look at the inside for the whoops,’ so I go inside for all the laps so maybe I should say thank you to him!

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After the first two nights, what do you think of UK Arenacross?

Yeah I think it’s very good organisation, it’s very nice, the team is very good with me and make a good job so when all is perfect you just have to win!

Aranda topped the podium on both nights

After these two rounds you are leading the championship, you must be feeling good looking ahead to the last few rounds?

Yeah I feel good but there are four rounds left and I have to stay focussed and not make a mistake because Cedric is very strong, we had some good battles in France and we are making some good battles here also, I know him and he knows me, so it’s good to fight with him.

And the rest of the season, outdoor-wise will you be racing in France or doing any GP races?

Yes, I will race the French Elite motocross championship and maybe two or three GPs, then after that the supercross in France and Germany and maybe next year again the UK!