Grant Langston ends broadcasting duties with AMA pro motocross

Grant Langston has announced that he’s made the decision to stop his broadcasting duties with pro motocross effective immediately.

It’s been nearly eight full season’s he’s been doing the job but after not being allowed to attend the AMA National this weekend at Ironman because he’s not been vaccinated he’s decided to stop. 

Langston explains his reasons below: 

“Hey everyone, just a quick update. A couple of people in the TV compound have tested positive for COVID-19. I just found out that even if I get a negative test back that I still cannot go the race this weekend at Ironman. This is because I’ve not been vaccinated. If you get a negative test and have been vaccinated you can go, so in my opinion it’s not really about COVID-19, it’s about the vaccine. This is coming to me as the new CDC guidelines, it’s not necessarily from MAVTV, Lucas Oil Racing or NBC. It’s a pretty unfortunate situation”. 

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“With that said, they told me I could go to the last two events but I must say I am a little frustrated that with a negative test I still cannot go. After a lot of thought I have made the decision to quit pro motocross announcing effective immediately. It’s a pity it has to end this way, it’s been a pretty good run and almost eight seasons. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and compliments over the past few years. It’s meant a lot to me, it’s a tough job sometimes as you get very self-conscious so those compliments meant a lot. It’s tough it has to be like this but I’ve made my decision so take care everyone, cheers”. 

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