Glenn McCormick interview- ready for Arenacross!

Glenn McCormick got some final practice in on Tuesday at E-Trax with just days to go before the Arenacross series kicks of on Friday and Saturday night in front of his home crowd in Belfast.

Last year the Ulster MX2 champion was teammates with Evgeny Bobryshev on the UK Suzuki team as a last minute fill-in on a 450. McCormick acquitted himself well despite the lack of prepation and he got the Arenacross bug!

McCormick is consequently back again for 2019 but this time he will ride the full championship on his Unique Fit-out Husqvarna machine in the Lites class.

We grabbed a couple of minutes with Glenn to get his thoughts prior to racing in front of a packed SSE Arena for the second year in a row.

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You have got some rare indoor practice today at E-Trax with some whoops practice – there’s not much opportunity to do that over here!

Yeah it’s certainly very alien to us, the whoops is probably the biggest thing, fair play to Martin and all the guys at E-Trax, it’s pretty cool and we are very fortunate they were able to do it for us. The whoops are the main things the jumps and the corners are second nature to us but it’s the whoops that are different, so it’s nice to be able to get a feel for it and hopefully come Friday we will be a bit more comfortable coming into the whoops and we won’t be far away.

Pic: J McCready

You are in the Pro lites class and there are plenty of big names in it now – it’s going to be pretty intense!

Yeah it’s going to be brilliant, some of them have moved down into the Lites this year, after I had done that one round in Belfast I knew straight away that I would be doing it again this year! The buzz you get from it is just amazing and the whole build-up and atmosphere, it’s just nice to be a part of it all. It might have been nice for us to be the last round so we are up to speed a bit more in front of the home crowd but I’m looking forward to it and it should be very good.

The whole team, gear and set-up is looking good are you feeling good for 2019?

Yeah, it all seems to be gelling really well, the bike’s going really well, suspension, gear, everything is look well so yeah it’s all fallen into place nicely and everyone is working together well and everyone has got the same goal so I can’t as for much more.

And the British championship, is that your main focus?

Yeah that’s my main focus, and after last year I think I showed, more to myself, that I can actually do it. I am looking forward to it and feel good.