Gareth Hockey opens up on the 2021 Revo British Championship

The updated 2021 Revo British Championship has been revealed – it’s set to be a busy May and June with six of the rounds taking place in two months. 

Hockey has revealed that there will be a live stream available this year which is fantastic news for the sport in the UK. 

“Live streaming, round one will be a good test with it, the deal is now done and it’s in for the next three years. That first round being brutally honest there will be a little bit of learning, it’s all very new to us but I think it’s positive for the sport and the future. For riders, teams and sponsors I think it’s going to be pretty amazing because it gives us a whole difference audience”. 

Hockey also offered an update regarding fans being able to attend the events. 

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“The first round being honest with you, will probably be with no spectators. We are confident from round two on that we will be allowed spectators and will be allowed to get back to Motocross as we know it. We are really looking forward to that”, Hockey stated. 

Hockey had even more to discuss which you can see below:

Pic: Nigel McKinstry