Ferrandis feeling positive about new 450 Yamaha

Dylan Ferrandis says he has had the best winter since he moved the the 450 class thanks to the slimline new 450 Yamaha, with the Frenchman admitting he has struggled for two years to feel comfortable on the old Yamaha.

“The new bike suits me way better than the older one,” admitted Dylan in the press conference. “I have been struggling a lot the last two years in supercross with it. It was a big relief when I jumped on the new bike. I had a really good winter, the best I had in the 450 class. I was just able to rider and not really chasing the feeling on the bike, and able to do a lot of motos, spend a lot of time on the bike and having fun. Something I missed a little bit the last two years.”

If Ferrandis can get his starts nailed, he could be the dark horse for 2023!

Image: Yamaha