Evgeny Bobryshev interview – I had so much pain in my left leg I thought about stopping!

Evgeny Bobryshev looked all set to win moto two at Desertmartin until a big crash ruined his chances and the Russian was forced to ride in yet more pain to secure third place in the moto.

But the Lombard Suzuki rider looked in great form all day except for the mistakes in both motos that cost him the chance to gain some points on championship leader Jake Nicholls.

Bobby however, didn’t lose any points either and remains just 19 points down on Nicholls with four rounds left and another British title is very much in the tough Russian’s sights.

We caught up with a very sore Bobryshev after the race to talk about his day and his GP season so far.

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You showed good speed today but the results didn’t give you what you deserved really?

I had good speed today but it ended in a big mess in both motos, I have the speed to run up front. The first moto I had a little crash in the beginning but I didn’t lose any places and I got back on Tommy. But the crash at the end of the moto ruined everything, I was kicking and kicking to get going and got going in fifth place and finished there.

The second moto I had a good holeshot and the first half of the moto was really then I had a heavy mistake. It was one of the most scary moments I have ever had. I made a mistake on the take off of the big double but I landed in a big hole, I saved it but at had so much speed I couldn’t brake then I hit a tree. I had so much pain in my left leg at thought about stopping but then I got on and the pain released slowly and I finished third.

I didn’t gain or lose any points in the championship but I need to heal up this week, my leg is just hurting.

You held on well in that second moto, Irwin was putting you under a lot of the pressure at the end, it must have taken a lot of heart to keep going?

It is, especially at the end of the moto when I had so much pain, I slowed down but he was coming and I just held on, I had done my best, but again more bad luck but it’s motocross.

You got a late start on the GPs but you have been showing top ten speed recently, are you pleased how that is going?

Yeah im pleased with what I’m getting. I got a deal at the last minute and now I’m working with both teams, Lombard Suzuki in England and BOS in the world championship but we still have to develop the bike because at moment we are a bit far behind with the engine (in MXGP) that’s the big problem for me to run up front. When I make a start I could be top seven. I still have speed.

Bobby had the speed but crashes ruined his day.

The level is so high now in MXGP the start seems crucial, there isn’t much different between fifth and fifteenth anymore!

Yeah that’s true. Tony and Herlings are on another level, they are going really quick right now the other guys are pretty much the same speed but the intensity of the race – the top ten is until the end of the moto, it’s so close and so tight so you have to be really fit and really focused.

It was Evgeny’s Bobryshev first time at Desertmartin.