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Defending Deegan…

Defending Deegan…
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Haiden Deegan came in for a bit of criticism after his aggressive duel with Star Racing Yamaha’s Jordon Smith but, although it was a bit aggressive from both, I don’t think Deegan did a lot wrong.

Yes, he was aggressive, probably too much for a heat race and it maybe goaded Smith, but if they weren’t teammates, it would have been just good aggressive racing.

Deegan is 17 and wants to show everyone he won’t back down for anyone. The kid has been impressive this year, and, for me, it was Jordon Smith who let himself down more than Deegan.

Haiden dealt with a spike in adrenalin better than Smith who again couldn’t control his emotions and almost took both of them out, that’s before crashing two more times in the race and not getting out of the LCQ after stalling just when RC said be patient. Then deciding, inexplicably, to try to pass into fourth by going around the outside, not the inside om the final turn, and going down yet again. No main event and a total disaster for Jordon because he couldn’t stay calm in a high tension moment.

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Meanwhile, Haiden after the drama, ended up on the podium. At just 17 in his rookie year, Haiden had more composure than his teammate and, while it may be frustrating that Deegan gets so much attention if you are his teammates or rivals, the reality is his results and performances justify the hype.

Haiden said: “He’s my teammate, he’s a veteran, he’s been in the sport a while. I was just up there battling, I want to win just as bad as everyone else, whether it’s a heat race or a main.”

Haiden is the real deal and he has every right to fight his corner in his rookie year. It’s not great for Star, but a gentle reminder to Deegan should be enough. The real issue was how Jordon Smith’s night unravelled after the duel.

It’s Deegan 1 Smith 0.

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Words: Jonathan McCready

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