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Dean Wilson interview: WSX and riding schools

Dean Wilson interview: WSX and riding schools
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We spoke to Dean Wilson after an impressive performance at his home GP that ended with a third in the third main event of the evening, with Wilson making passes on some good names to get there and doing it in front of a home crowd that were very aware of his every move!

I actually thought you had maybe snuck a podium there but it wasn’t to be!

Yeah, a bit better than last year for sure. Definitely need to work on a few things, I only had a week of riding before I came here but you, know what, I’ll take that. Start need to be better, and I”ll be right up on the podium and in the mix. Overall? I’ll take it. It was okay.

The fans for you and Max and Ken as well, were pretty loud!

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Aw man the fans were unbelievable. It’s so cool to have that atmosphere and electric feeling when they are going, ‘Deannooo!’ it was so cool! Yeah, it was a better performance than last year for sure. I was struggling with a few things last year but this year I feel better, I am more in the fight and if we figure out starts I’ll be better.

Your intensity was good, you were able to move forward on a track that wasn’t easy to pass on

It was hard to pass and I was making really good passes. There was a few things I was struggling with, the first race, I didn’t know it was the last lap and I came over the finish line and it was the checquered flag and I was like, ‘wooahh.’ But that’s alright, I just need to pay attention to that more. I was moving forward and feeling good, we will take it.

How easy is it to adapt back to the three races, the first two are so short!

After the first one, the second one I was struggling a little bit, the third one actually felt okay. It’s what I’ve been training for, we haven’t had a lot of time but been training to recover in between , taking deep breath and keep hydrated.

You have a bit of time off here and it think you are doing a couple of riding schools one in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland are you looking forward to that?

I’,m excited for it, it’s going to be a little trip, it’s going to be fun coaching and teaching.

What can the riders expect?

I actually feel like I put a lot of heart into my schools and work on the technique with them Technique is everything, even to this day I still work on technique, you look at Kenny he is a master at technique and Jett Lawrence, all those guys. Technique is what makes you better, so really focusing on things like that to be a better, faster and safter rider, we will have some fun.

Are you planning on racing next season? Supercross only?

Still trying to sort it out, we will see ho w I feel. Like my knee really hurts today, I’ve got such a bad knee, we will see how it goes.

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Image: WSX

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